Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the old ...

No, wait, I love old!  What's the hurry to begin another year anyway?  We're all just going to get another year older.  It's 3 a.m. and I think I'll just savor this very long sweet last day of 2015 since sleep seems to be eluding us yet again.

Many of my blogging friends have been considering their Word for 2016.  Something I've not done before, but considering it seems pretty harmless and doesn't require keeping up with a BOM or mystery quilt-along, I think we'll join in for 2016.  So, the word from here is Thankfulness - for each day of life, for our family, our church friends near and far, blogging buddies, for the luxury of being retired and (almost) able to have enough time to quilt to my heart's content.

So, the other night after our houseful of guests including four of the grandkids and two (large) grand-dogs had left, I found myself with nothing prepped for evening stitching!  Let me just say that was a most empty feeling - that needed immediate fixing.  So, by the next evening my recliner looked something like this.

Much better!

Current quilt in the hand-held hoop is my version of Country Roads from Lori's Humble Quilts fall quiltalong.  I've so enjoyed making this little quilt top and look forward to seeing it finished and gracing the antique table next to the recliner.  Though difficult to see in the next photo the central pieced block is now quilted with cross-hatching through the small four-patches and the setting squares are marked with a feathery stencil.

After a week of being way behind on stitching my Quilty 365 circles, they are finally caught up again!  This week after Christmas is a time of reflection and several of the circle fabrics have a softer, antique-y feel.  This next one was chosen for Christmas night, when we experienced a gorgeous full moon and starlit sky, so bright we could see the surrounding mountains clearly.

See you next year!


  1. A good word and reminder of what is truely important. I always love seeing your hand stitched projects. Old is a good thing!

  2. I like old too and I'm happy to hold on to most of it :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. Your Country Roads quilt is very cute! I hate it when I don't have any hand work handy. That's one reason why I took up knitting, because I can't do much hand sewing and knitting doesn't seem to affect my hand as much. Too bad I'm not very good at knitting. Happy New Year!

  4. Thankfulness is a very meaningful word and a so important each and every day. Glad you found something to work on. I know what you mean when something isn't prepped and ready to go.

  5. I've never chosen a word for the year, either, but you have selected an excellent one!
    That is such an empty feeling when there is no handwork ready to go. Glad you remedied it quickly.
    Wasn't that Christmas moon beautiful? Nice circle to represent it.

  6. I was up at 3 a.m. too...the little puppy that I was babysitting decided to lick my face. So I rolled over. No problem...he just chewed my hair. Your quilt in the hoop looks lovely :)

  7. Several of my friends choose words for the year but I never have either. This might be a good year to start.
    Great idea to celebrate the Cold Full Moon of this Christmas. There won't be another till 2034.


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