Thursday, October 20, 2022

Fall - going, going, but not yet gone

Once again, it's been a while since I've posted, and things probably won't change much for the foreseeable future.  But all is mostly well here, except for our continued lack of energy post-covid.  

We've had a spectacular autumn display of color in this part of the state. One of the best years since we returned to WNY.  I'll share a few photos taken a couple weeks ago on a somewhat hazy afternoon, just before an expected rainy spell.  At that time the maples were near peak.  Now they have faded and the more subtle hues of maroon, golds and bronzes of the oak forests have taken over.  I think I almost find the more subdued colors more inviting, there's a special softness about them that sings to my heart. 

So, without further ado, a few scenes from our yard:

I typically don't do much if any decorating for the season inside the house. Thinking on why that is, I came to the conclusion that it's because this house exudes autumn all year long  Many of the walls are paneled in knotty pine , the drapes are a small bittersweet hued check, and the somewhat eclectic furnishings are mostly antique or vintage pieces from family or local thrift/vintage shops.   We did pick up a few small gourds on our recent trip to our favorite old barn/farm stand to stock up on plenty of winter squashes, etc.  Earlier this summer we received a gift of 'fruit of the month' and the first shipment arrived packed in a little wooden crate too lovely to discard, so it was pressed into service as an autumn gourd backdrop.

More hickory nuts and a few bright leaves have been added since the photo was taken, and then today while cleaning up the side yard my husband brought in the last two sunflowers, tiny, now in a little bud vase until they fade.

Shall we talk quilting now for a bit?  I'm still plugging along, however slowly, on the historic panel challenge.  Long since gave up any hope of having it completed by the November deadline, I'm just concentrating on enjoying making each block as time permits.  Here are a few of the latest sawtooth stars that will eventually be added all around the center panel.

The quilt is quickly outgrowing the design wall.  

Thinking this quilt may eventually go to our second grandson, who just completed his Army basic training this week.  But we'll keep it here for awhile first, until he's settled a bit more in life.  Hard to believe he's all grown up now, seems like yesterday he was a toddler learning to throw spiral passes to his dad when he was just 2 years old!  He hasn't given up his love of football in the meantime, and played every year of junior and senior high school.  How time flies.

Til next time, hope all is well with each of you!