Friday, November 12, 2021

Another baby quilt finish

 The baby quilt for the preemie is now finished and ready for gifting when I next see his great-aunt at church.  

I'm rather happy with how this design turned out, kind of modernish but the fabrics give it an old-fashioned vibe.  The quilt is backed and bound with an all-over print of happy children's faces, and you might notice there's a holiday theme involved, which I hadn't noticed for the longest time.  Funny how you can only see one aspect of a fabric, and completely miss the actual theme!   I chose to focus on the smiling faces, and suspect baby will too.

All of the fabrics came from our quilt ministry stash, and a couple readers may recognize some of them, having sent them from New Orleans and California - thanks again Angie and Lynn!

Happily we've had a few sunny days this week, though winter seems to be breathing down our necks with snowy days forecast for the weekend and well into next week.  Our immediate area is forecast to receive upwards of 5-6 inches - yuck.  The autumn oaks are fast losing their remaining leaves, and the larch trees, the last to show color around here, are turning a soft yellow.  

Another family of squirrels invasion, this time of the holiday sort, thanks to Marie at Quilt Bee blog, in the form of Christmas themed table toppers.  She indicated she had seen one on Pinterest.   Here's my first one under construction, awaiting borders

which I'll add later today

Easy-peasy, and will be perfect for a few of those little gifts we all want to have on hand for the season, or for our own use.  I'll make a couple more with the traditional red and green holiday fabrics, but also planning to try a version using some blues with white.  I'll mention here that those folded corners for the stars are SO easy using Doug Leko's Simple Folded Corners Ruler, and so much faster than drawing lines on squares before stitching.  No affiliation, just a happy user.   

Til next time, happy stitching!