Wednesday, August 10, 2022

One more finish for the camp auction

 Another month has gone by and I'll admit it's been difficult finding time for anything but the absolute necessities of life of late.  And it's tomato canning season already.  Despite an abysmal start, having covid and Lyme right at planting season and never having a chance to weed the garden plot, our tomatoes and peppers are thriving and the romas are outdoing themselves with big beautiful fruit, the best we've seen.  I guess benign neglect can have its benefits, lol!

There is one small finish to write about, can I call this my August mini?

The little Asian quilt was completed last week. I wish I could say that I'd pieced and machine embroidered the top, but it came to me from Nann at With Strings Attached who had gotten it along with some completed quilts at a rummage sale. I decided to lightly hand quilt this one since machine quilting designs eluded me and didn't want to have to rip out any big ugly mistakes.  Maybe one case where hand quilting was probably faster than by machine!  And it was fun to quilt this on the floor hoop, a little bit every afternoon for a couple weeks.  Finished size 35x35 inches.

The backing and binding fabric:

In the floor hoop now is the circus baby quilt, though it remains untouched.  And for evening quilting with the hand-held hoop when the temperature allows is this log cabin top:

Also have begun working on Lori's (Humble Quilts) historic panel challenge.  Keeping it simple hopefully so it can be completed by the November deadline. Thought I had a few photos of the big pile of red, cream and blue pieces pulled from the scrap bins and now cut up, but you'll have to wait until something more is stitched onto this piece to see the glorious mess!

We've had a bit of rain in the past week and the cold front that came through late yesterday brought us a cooler night with much lower humidity.  So appreciated.  Hope all is well with each of you.