Wednesday, November 30, 2022

A Mini for November

 It's not Throwback Thursday, but today I'll share a mini quilt made several years ago, I believe before joining Wendy's wonderful Monthly Mini Roundup.

This is called simply Pieced from Lois's Scraps II.  

Over the years my friend Lois has brought little baggies of leftover pieces from various quilts she has made, and we issued a challenge for our quilt group to take some of the scraps, make a little quilt, then pass along the remainder from the baggie to someone else.  I think only one other person participated beside myself, and this is my favorite of the minis made from Lois's scraps.  There are also several full size quilts that I've made from her scraps and abandoned projects.

The cake stand blocks are made from her leftovers and I added the cheddar/gold fabrics from my own stash.  

The cake stand blocks are 4 inches and the finished quilt measures 16 inches square.  I hand quilted it in light yellow thread.

The back is from a feed sack.  A little easier to see the quilting here. The photo dates this little quilt to fall of 2018.  It has hung in our dining room since it was finished.

You can visit Wendy's blog at The Constant Quilter to find other lovely monthly minis posted on the last day of each month.  

A bit of snow in our forecast for tonight, but then warming again by weekend.  We have had an unusually warm November, and unlike other parts of western New York very little snow.  Yay for clear dry roads!

p.s.   I've had difficulty leaving comments on a number of blog posts lately.  I apologize for this but Blogger seems intent on making it more and more difficult all the time to be sociable with our blogging friends.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A November Finish

Finished on Friday, gifted on Sunday to a church member about to undergo major surgery, this is the simple Autumn Squares quilt, for lack of a better name.

I quilted it very simply, stitch in the ditch on all the squares, then diagonal serpentine lines in all the narrow strips and across the squares.  

It has been difficult to find time to sew this year, but yesterday I finally had an NBS (nothing but sewing) day and have nearly finished the sawtooth star border on the historic medallion quilt.  No photos until the top is complete, at this point it is about 63x63 inches.  I'd like to add one or two additional borders to bring it up to at least 70 inches wide, or perhaps 72x80 inches, which will make it a good usable size.  

In the meantime a few more photos of the Autumn Squares finish.

The back, which didn't photograph very well.  It is actually a soft golden buttery yellow print.  Selvedge is marked Jane Word 1996 for Fabrics by Spectrix.  I had never heard of that company, have you?

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at our younger daughter's home, and are currently enjoying lots of turkey leftovers as I made a turkey breast with all the trimmings on Sunday afternoon.  I love a few days of just heat-em-up meals, don't you!?

I'll try to be back tomorrow with a mini quilt - an older one from before I joined Wendy's Monthly Minis Group.  Til then, have a lovely day!