Monday, December 21, 2015

Finished at Last!

Finished at last and slept under last night.  My Christmas gift to me, this Blockade Quilt, now officially out of the quilting hoop, all bound and about to have its label attached.
I had help stitching down the binding
Trying to find a place large enough to spread it out for photographing the entire quilt was impossible. It finished at 80 x 90 inches after washing - here it is on the guest bed where it will take up residence
This quilt came to me as a completed top, the seller had acquired it from the estate of an Ohio Mennonite lady who was a prolific quilter and had also owned a quilt shop for many years. The top is machine stitched, with fabrics primarily from the 1950-1960s era, although there are several fabrics that appear earlier than the others, the one below feels and looks like feedsack to me.
Some of the fabrics remind me of pajama prints from the 50s when I was very young, especially that blue print in the lower left corner of the following photo.
I spent nearly eight months hand quilting this vintage piece, working on it a little every day and finally finished the borders in a week-long marathon of stitching, pretty much abandoning all the other in-progress projects.
Border detail

Back is white muslin that shows quilting detail 

The mail brought a little package the other day, from an old friend on the west coast.  Inside was her Christmas card and this sweet little ornament!  Exquisitely detailed, constructed with five different wood species, and the machine has gold metallic thread 'threaded' through a tiny wood tension mechanism and wire thread guides.  The ornament is approximately two inches long and a little over an inch tall.   Love it!

A closer detail:

Today's agenda includes making a huge batch of pierogi for the holidays, then we really must get out the wrapping paper and ribbons and attack the mound of gifts piling up in the guest room.  Time's a'wasting, and we celebrate an early Christmas with my son and DIL and the three youngest grands on Wednesday.  The rest of the grands will arrive on Sunday for their Christmas in the country.  Busy happy times ahead.   To all of my blogging friends I wish a joyous and peaceful Christmas with friends and family.  


  1. The ornament is just adorable! And the quilt!!! I certainly give you a lot of credit for your hand quilting. I can see some apron fabric in there as well. Love it!

  2. Your quilt is really beautiful - well worth the long hours.

    That ornament is fabulous! It is so detailed.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. The quilt is just beautiful, and I love your little ornament. Enjoy those grands. Sounds like a busy week ahead.

  4. Fabulous finish! Merry Christmas :)

  5. that little ornament is so priceless....a wonderful gift to treasure. But your vintage finish is spectacular.....all your beautiful hand quilting shows so nicely on the muslin. A very special quilt with that cuddly vintage feel of home. Your time was well spent.

  6. What a fantastic finish. The quilt is beautiful and your hand quilting takes over the top. The border design really reflects the time period. Sweet. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy those special family moments.

  7. Love your finished quilt, it's looks gorgeous! And your hand quilting is lovely, it makes this a very special vintage quilt for sure!

  8. Your quilt is really lovely, the prints look nice and bright and your quilting is wonderful. I feel like there are a lot of someone's memories in that quilt.

  9. It's just gorgeous- and the perfect time of year to finish it up! I'm not surprised you slept under Oran's it looks great on the guest bed too. And, wow! What a thoughtful ornament, great fun!


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