Friday, December 18, 2015

A Little Bit of This ...

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and the days go flying by.  The Christmas cards are on the dining room table, partially addressed, not a single gift is wrapped, the cookies and pierogi are yet to be made.  What's the problem you ask - birthdays, that's what!  Just this week we've traveled halfway across the state twice - in different directions - to celebrate three family birthdays!  Fun, but the travel time sure eats away at productive time.  I tried taking along some of the Quilty 365 circles to applique while traveling on Wednesday, managed to complete one and get a start on another.  Found that if the roads are not entirely smooth, traveling in a pickup truck makes it somewhat difficult to maintain nice tiny even stitching.  Still, it is possible to get something accomplished.  Anyway, here are last week's circles.

A bit of a holiday theme going on at the moment.  I've been going through the Christmas fabrics and scrap bins looking for some pieces that remind me of Christmas projects past.  Christmas seems especially festive this year as we've had a fun time decorating our little country home (actually more of a slightly overgrown cabin) for the first time, and we will be seeing all the grandchildren this year.

I also managed to complete one quilty Christmas gift this year, and since I don't think the recipient reads my blog will show it now.  Easy peasy with this great fabric purchased a few years ago.  The backs of a couple of the placemats are pieced, the mats are free motion quilted in meandering leaf, wavy lines, overall flowery and the jesters hat patterns.  There was just enough fabric left to make four coordinating napkins.

A slightly closer view though the color is a bit washed out:

With any luck there will be one last finish for the year - hand stitching the binding down on the Blockade quilt is proceeding slowly during the evenings, about half completed now.  I may just reach my goal of having this one finished by Christmas!


  1. Great finish and a wonderful print to use.....easy and quick is always a good thing at this time of year. Love seeing those circle fabrics. We put so much money into our fabric and then cut it into tin pieces.....with the circles we can tell why we bought it!

  2. Birthdays in December are hard. We've got four in our family too,

    I am so excited to see those circles done. Nice gift too.

  3. The gift will certainly be well received! We have 3 December birthdays, but won't be going to any of them - 2 in VA and 1 in FL. Boo Hoo! One boy was very happy with his Lego set. Yea! Enjoy your Christmas!

  4. I struggled to do wool applique on smooth freeways. I can't imagine trying to do needle turned applique.
    Nice placemat set!

  5. Pretty Christmas prints. Those will be appreciated.

  6. What a great gift your placemat set will make. I always figure what I get done for the holidays is what I get done. Some years are more productive than others. Great week of circles.


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