Monday, August 2, 2021

An Early August Finish

 Another baby quilt finished yesterday.  This one will go to our young neighbors who are expecting a girl next month.  Much happier with this one now that it's quilted with the binding added.  It never ceases to amaze me how the character of a quilt changes with the quilting texture.  Here it is immediately after the binding was added, before its beauty bath with the stencil markings still visible. I've become a huge fan of continuous line stencils for much of my FMQ, especially in sashings and borders, much easier to see what's going on and where to head next.  

No rain today, so we went outside for a few more photos.  

Tried a photo with both the quilt and this gorgeous hydrangea but the bright sunlight washed out the quilt colors.  

In the shade of the maple tree in the front yard. 

And the purple polkadot back, the free motion quilting in the panel squares is more easily visible in these next photos. 

We wandered a bit more before going back inside to prep this morning's blueberry harvest for the freezer.  A few blooming things:

The dog days of August, lol!

And one last photo of the baby quilt across the thrift store rocking chair I found last winter, it reminded me of a photo of myself in a similar chair at my grandparents' farm when I was a toddler.  I painted this one white to more closely resemble the original.
A long time ago:

Have a great day, and don't let the doomsayers destroy your joy!


  1. Another sweet baby quilt using those fun panels. Any time you can machine quilt without stopping is the best design. Love seeing you in your grandmother's rocker.

  2. The baby quilt turned out great! So sweet!

  3. Love your baby picture! Hope it has a place on your wall! You made such a nice gift for the new baby too!

    1. Thank you! The photo is safely back in its album box (I hope)! I do have an electronic copy just in case something were to happen to the original.

  4. Sweet baby quilt! I'm with you - I always marvel at how quilting changes the personality of a quilt. Loved seeing what is blooming at your house AND your "historic" picture!

  5. Now that was a long time ago! Ha ha! I should know! You were a cutie! Who was to know the wonders you would one day create with needle thread and cloth! I love the new little quilt. Baby will too.

  6. Really artful quilt so beautifully quilted and I love the purple backing! So fun that you found and painted the rocking chair to be similar to the "old" one.

  7. What a sweet photo of you in that big rocker, and how fun that you found a similar one. I hope it's comfortable!
    Your baby quilt looks beautiful. I like the quilting, especially what looks like (maybe) echo quilting in the squares, following the lines of the images on the panels.
    Your flowers are gorgeous. I especially like the orange ones.

  8. Yay for the finished baby quilt! Yours looks so sweet!:)

  9. Your baby quilt is wonderful with all that quilting and the purple backing. What great photos of you in the rocking chair and the new thrift shop version that is so similar. I can totally relate :)


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