Monday, July 26, 2021

The End of July - Already??

This month has gone by in a blur, and August will no doubt be the same, with a hopeful harvest of tomatoes, garlic and at least some squash, and more blueberries.  This has been a tough summer for gardeners in these parts with incessant rain for much of the month, flooding, hail damage, etc.

My quilting mojo has been at a low ebb of late, but I did manage one small finish and two more baby/young child quilt tops pieced.  

In the finished department, a baby boy quilt for our quilt ministry, already on its way to its destination, a newborn who is battling several physical issues in the NICU of a nearby city hospital.

Backed with a Peter Rabbit print.

Quick and simple ditch and serpentine machine quilting.
This baby quilt is my 'mini' quilt for the month, since there hasn't been time to create a true mini.

The second project is a baby quilt for our neighbor who is expecting a baby girl sometime in September.  I neglected to take photos when it was in the planning/piecing stage, here it is layered and pin basted, the ditch quilting was started this afternoon.

The soft pinks were difficult for me to photograph accurately especially with the light from the windows.  I had 8 or 9 pinks in my stash, mostly some old-fashioned prints, that I'd thought would work for this one, though they seem to wash out more than I'd like compared with the brights in the panels.  I'm planning on using more of the purple/pink shot cotton for the binding to I hope contain the paleness and keep the whole from fading into nothingness.  Hopefully the dimension added by the quilting will also help.

At the other end of the color spectrum, I was roped into asked if I could make a quick child's quilt last week.  A search of the stash revealed an older circus themed panel  that just begged for some colorful action!  Starting the design process:

And three days later, voila - finished top!  So glad I spent a couple mornings at quilt ministry last spring sewing together all those little leftover HST's from a camp donation quilt of around three years ago.  Perfect for this project!  And there are still more in their swiffer box in the parts department awaiting another project.  The completed top:

Better yet, turns out the quilt is not needed at the moment, so I can enjoy it for awhile until its turn for quilting comes along.  I will say that I am well and truly pleased with this one, it's even better in person than the photos.  And since it's no longer a rush job, hopefully I'll find a great backing fabric for it too.  Though the one from the stash would work just fine, it's just not what I'd like to find for this joyful quilt top.  And apparently it really wants to go to a mystery someone in the future.  It had best make up its mind soon, I think this one will be a difficult one to let go.

And on a closing note, guess who stole the first zucchini squash from the garden?


  1. Oh they are all sensational. I will have to agree that letting go of that circus one will be difficult. I love everything about it. You are so sweet to do so many of these quilts for your Quilt Ministry. Thanks for another great mini (or 3!). I have linked you into the post on Saturday. And, I can't believe your dog likes zucchini! So cute!

  2. Sweet baby quilts. I was just thinking yesterday how fast July has gone by. I have a “reveal” to post for August 1st. I’d better get busy writing that post! Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs. Doesn’t he know that dogs do not like vegetables? Possibly he’s on a gluten-free diet.

  3. I see a lot of quilting mojo going on in your sewing room. You're the best at coming up with something very sweet with bits and pieces. All 3 quilts are winners. Looks like somebody is in the the dog house for nipping the 1st zucchini

  4. I love the creative circus quilt. I'm glad you get to enjoy it for a while.

  5. It seems to me that your quilting mojo is doing just fine! Wow, I would be delighted with these oh-so-colorful quilts. That baby boy will surely be delighted when he snuggles up with Peter Rabbit, then crawls out on top to discover there's more to love on top. I am not sure I could let the Circus quilt go. There will never be another like it! :~)

    1. Thank you! And to think I've never even been to a circus! I am a pushover for colorful fabrics though!

  6. For someone who has her quilting mojo down at her ankles, you did a great job, no sorry, you did three great jobs! Love them all. I agree that some more of that purple-pink for the binding will be best. I love your Circus quilt. You did more than a great job on this one. Sometimes going out on a limb gets the best result. Congrats!
    Now who would have thought that a dog can love zucchini? But that face! How can you be mad at that face? ;^)

  7. Such fun quilts, they will really be appreciated.

  8. Enjoyed all of your quilts this month. You were definitely on a roll! Love your happy circus quilt with all the hsts and bright colors. Glad you'll be able to hold onto it for a while. Love your dog. He is just the cutest. Wonder what went through his head to want to snatch a zucchini.

  9. Yes! I love them all! The Peter Rabbit backing is adorable and the top is a perfect boy design. And who wouldn't love a circus quilt!! Someone will be very lucky to get it. I'm off to Draper Farm this morning and wondering when the corn and tomatoes will be ripe.

  10. Inspiring finishes - I love how you took a variety of fabrics and pulled them together! They're all wonderful, but the circus quilt is the biggest smile-inducer!

  11. Wow, you got a lot done! And such varied projects. Good work!


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