Friday, July 12, 2019

A Small July Finish

A few months ago while searching for a tutorial for making spider web blocks I came upon the blog of Marit in Norway.  Sadly, her blog seems to be inactive now.  Anyway, she had a great tutorial that I have followed for my current string block project, that I need to get back to very soon!

Scanning through some of her older posts I also came upon a series of equilateral triangle quilts she had made a few years ago.  You can see one of her quilts at this link Summer Breeze Triangle Quilt.  After all these years of quilting I had never tried using a 60 degree equilateral triangle to construct even part of a quilt!  So an experiment was in order, and this is the result, made entirely of older scrappy leftovers from my bin of baby and young child-related fabrics.  I'm always looking for a little challenge to try to keep the brain cells active, and being spatially dyslexic, triangles are a challenge for me!  This turned out to be so much fun though that I'm already looking forward to making more of these soon. 

First layout at the point when I ran out of said scraps.  Several of the triangles are made of smaller bits and pieces stitched together to make a piece large enough to cut a 6-1/2" triangle.

Vertical layout as stitched together.  I decided against borders and let the triangles do all the work on this one.

Some quick straight-line quilting and voila, a finish this afternoon

My faithful helper followed me around for the entire photo shoot.  He declined to sit on the quilt though!  Whoever heard of a pet not sitting on a quilt??  Maybe because he knows they don't belong in the field or up a tree for that matter!

I had never tried fusible batting before so when Connecting Threads had their recent batting sale I ordered a crib-size one (Hobbs 80/20 fusible).  Well, all I can say about that is I probably won't be using it again.  The package says it fuses the layers together "temporarily."  "Momentarily" might be a more accurate term, as the quilt required pinning  anyway to hold everything together.  The one tiny advantage might be that the batting remained slightly tacky and I think that helped prevent too much fabric slippage as I quilted the straight lines.

Anyhow, there is now a baby quilt finished and ready for donation to our quilt ministry.  I haven't yet decided whether it will be another camp benefit auction donation.  That will depend on whether any other needs come up before then. 

Joining Wendy's linkup for this week's Peacock Party.  Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love the triangles, so different! As I may need some goift quilts soon, I may have to visit the tutorial you mention! Were the triangles hard to sew together?

    Your helper is so cute, and those lileis are gorgeous!



  2. Your triangles look great, especially for a first time! Your dog is beautiful; reminds me of one I had as a child. Now get to cutting some more triangles! ---"Love"

  3. The colors you used for this quilt are not ones I would have chosen to go together but they really look wonderful -- restful yet fun. It's a delightful quilt. Those equilateral triangles are so intimidating to me. Are there tricks to aligning them for sewing?

  4. Yay, for your delightful finish. No, sluggish brain cells for you. Great mixture of colors. It's fresh and sunny.

  5. wonderful soft colors! The mix and blend is great for a cute baby quilt. I'm with you on the fusible is not worth the effort.

  6. What a lovely quilt. It looks so good outdoors too. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  7. That looks beautiful! I love the colors and it makes such a nice baby quilt.

  8. So pretty! What a lovely finish from leftovers. Someone will certainly love snuggling their baby in that!
    I want to grow up to actually finish quilts that are useful!

  9. Triangles can be fairly simple with a good tutorial to follow! Congrats on a very sweet, wonderfully scrappy baby quilt! I'm sad that Marits blog is inactive too. Have followed her for years!

  10. wee love that quick quilt! The colors are just great.
    great photo shoot and I love your assistant. What a sweep pup, although coco ALWAYS lays on the quilts around here, lol.

  11. Such a sweet quilt. The colors remind me of springtime. So effective with the triangles. I am the same way, spatially! When someone assumes that because I quilt, I also sew garments, I tell them no, I'm a 2D person, not a 3D person ;). But, I have ambitions to try.

  12. What a lovely little triangle quilt. I use that fusible batting for most of my little quilts except for the ones I hand quilt. Most times it's worked for me but I had trouble with the last package I purchased because the fuse just didn't hold. I press rather than iron and do that on both sides. Love your little helper! So cute!


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