Monday, January 7, 2019

Reflections, Looking Forward and First Flimsy of the Year!

The first week of the new year is behind us, and I've read the many recent blog posts featuring a recap of the last year's quilty accomplishments. I dithered a bit about whether to create a similar post.  I finally decided a brief summary would take care of it, and anyone wishing to see photos of all the 2018 finishes will find all of them under the page titled 2015 and Later, the most recent year being at the top when you click on that page.  Here are just three of my favorite finishes for the year.

"Tutti Frutti" donated to local Christian camp benefit auction

"Lines and Boxes" donated to local Christian camp benefit auction

"Autumn Oaks" to be gifted to a family member 

In all I finished 18 quilts during 2018, including 10 donation quilts (3 of which were pieced/appliqued by another quilter and I completed the machine quilting and binding).  In addition were five mini/small quilts (one gifted) and three larger throw or queen size quilts that either have already been or will be gifted.  I also plodded along with the hand quilting on one queen and one king size quilt, hopefully to be finished this year!

I will admit that by the end of August after completing the 10 donation quilts I had pretty much reached burn-out stage, but having the final few months to work on personal (fun) projects  was really rejuvenating.  It's something I want to pursue more of in the new year, and less of the deadline quilting!  Of course there will be some donation quilts for our quilt ministry, but not likely as many as last year.  Sometimes, though it hurts to even admit it to myself, getting older often means a bit of slowing down is a necessary part of the process, as I found out after my recent cataract surgeries.

So, for the new year, it is one day at a time, working on projects I love, and maybe even letting go of some that in all likelihood will never be finished.  More hand quilting, and hopefully getting at least one quilt on the Grace frame found at last September's auction.  I'm also planning to participate in Lori's (Humble Quilts) Stringalong 2019 and also Wendy's (Constant Quilter) mini challenge. Sure hope I can keep up!

A First Flimsy was promised in the post title, and here it is!  A couple years ago my blogging friend Janet of Rogue Quilter sent along a sweet package of small tumblers, which have been waiting for just the right time to begin piecing.  Over the holidays I began piecing them as leaders/enders while working on a couple other projects.  A few evenings ago I decided to just get on with it and get a little top made.  Here they are with rows numbered awaiting final assembly.

The dilemma became how do I add a border without overwhelming this with one of the same colors already in abundance?  Searching the bins, scraps and fat quarter I finally came up with two borders.  I knew as soon as I spotted that small dark purple scrap that it just had to be part of this little quilt, and it took every bit of the scrap for the outer border. 
And though this quilt is small, it's speaking with a mighty voice, demanding to be hand quilted, so it will take its place in the hand quilting line-up, hopefully to appear again as soon as the big basket quilt comes out of the hoop.  Which I'm hoping will happen sometime before ... Easter ... maybe?
Thanks Janet for these sweet tumblers, I had a great time working on this little project!  What a great way to start the new year.


  1. You accomplished so much last year. Hand quilting on the tumbler blocks will be so much fun and it will look fabulous.

  2. Beautiful quilts. I'm glad you posted them again. I sympathize with donation quilting burnout. It's important but I want to make some for family too and I'm slowing down.
    I do like donating most quilts from workshops. I learned the technique but I'm not as attached to the quilt as those I've made all on my own.

  3. Your three favorite 2018 finishes are beautiful, and I'm sure all your others are too. The tumbler flimsy is really cute, and will be very special when hand quilted. Hope you have a successful year in 2019! ---"Love"

  4. Beautiful finishes, Pat. Gorgeous quilting on Tutti Frutti, too.
    Autumn Oaks is stunning. Lucky family member!!
    I had forgotten about those tumblers. You did an excellent job of assembling and bordering. You are braver than I, hand quilting through all those seams. It will be the perfect finish for this sweet little quilt.
    BTW, your envelope arrived today. :) Thank you!!!
    I head out for retreat early in the morning and was afraid I would forget to thank you properly. I still hope to, but wanted you to know it came, and I love it! Very sweet of you.

  5. Autumn Oaks is gorgeous. Lucky family member! Love the rich dark colors.
    What a cute tumbler quilt from Janet's pieces.
    I'm doing Wendy's mini this year too!

  6. Great list of finishes. You were an over achiever this year, and for worthy causes. It is good to readjust and let go for a while if needed. But I so love your new mini tumbler. The added borders added just the right spark.

  7. Wow, what a year! You deserve to work on whatever suits your fancy this year! I'm so happy that you are joining in the monthly mini fun! I will be posting them at the end of each month. If we get many more, I may have to learn how to do a linky thing! LOVE the tumblers. Looks like you have your January mini already!

  8. Gorgeous quilts. I’m imagining those charity quilts were received with great appreciation. I love your tumblers. Such pretty fall colors.

  9. What a beautiful array of finished projects - 18 in 2018 - that is a huge accomplishment and adding in all the dear donation quilts you managed is amazing! Thank you for sharing all your lovely work and wishing you additional time in 2019 for your own stitching.

  10. Wow! You are very generous with your quilting talents. Ten donation quilts! All your quilts are lovely, your Autumn Oaks is stunning. Darling little tumbler top.

  11. Those are some sweet finishes! I think I like the Tutti Frutti best! Of course...that Tumbler is so much fun...and yes, the perfect border (to honor the gifter of the tumblers)! Win! Win! Win! :-)

  12. Your dedication to making and giving away quilts - as many as you did in 2018! - is admirable! I especially love that first one, Tutti Fruitti. I agree that you can and should allow yourself some "me" quilting time, and not feel the need to rush to make more quilts. I'm saying these things to you to make myself listen to them as well! :-) Your tumbler quilt is adorable, and having a small hand-quilting project is just the ticket for slow(er), quiet winter evenings.

  13. Love your little tumblers, I need to get back to mine!

  14. Pretty quilt, congratulations on your first finish of the year ;)

  15. Wow, 10 donation quilts?! Woo-HOO! That is awesome. Love your little tumbler quilt, such warm and cozy colors.

  16. How I love your Autumn Oaks. And the colors you've used in the tumblers quilt. Well done to have a flimsy already this year. It is so much more fun to quilt without an imposed deadline, isn't it?


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