Friday, December 28, 2012

Catkin's Misadventure

It all started out so innocently.  I saw a magazine ad featuring Julie Paschkis' Catkin fabric collection, and knew this would make a perfect quilt for our youngest grandson who is now 4 1/2 years old.  There was a free pattern online for a Catkin Trip Around the World quilt, about 60 inches square.  Well, I was making twin-size quilts for each of the grandkids this year, so I figured how hard would it be to convert a square pattern to a rectangle to bring it closer to the desired finished size.  I decided to add two additional rows of log cabin blocks, above and below the original "around the world" square area.   Things were going along pretty well I thought as I laid out the pieced blocks on the floor.
Then, my spatial dyslexia kicked in, big time, and we ended up with this:
Now, mind you, I took photos of every step along the way, spread out the top once more when it was completely pieced and bordered, then layered it up and pinned it, took more photos, and NEVER saw this glaring error until I had already begun the FMQ!  Arrrrgh!  Although it was still at a point where I 'could' take it apart and reinsert the offending blocks, there had been enough stretching or distortion of the fabric the first time around to tell me that unstitching, repinning and restitching was definitely going to cause huge problems.  So, onward through the FMQ we continued, and rather than a "Catkin Trip Around the World" we now have "Trip Interrupted" or "Catkin Scales the Pyramids" - take your pick, LOL!   I'm sure Nathaniel will love it anyway, especially with his favorite trains rolling along across the back.
It's difficult to see the quilting on any of the photographs.  Basically, I outlined each and every one of the cats, did a continuous curve on the multi-color squares of the log cabin blocks and an easy meander across the black portions.    His name is quilted in a special secret place that only he and I know.  And we know these kitties won't run away when he tries to pet them!  Here are a couple close-up shots:

Did I not say spring and seed catalogs in my post just yesterday?  Not half an hour after posting that, the mailperson delivered the first of the seed catalogs from Territorial Seed Co.  Spring, however, did not arrive simultaneously - 38 degrees this morning.  Still, no snow, for which I'm grateful!

Yesterday's mail also brought this sweet fat quarter bundle from Barbara at Cat Patches.  She's hosting her popular NewFO Challenge again this year, and seems I was a winner just for signing up!  I totally love these prints, with their swirls and flowers - perfect for free motion quilting inspiration.
I'm thinking a summer bag or two from these delicious fabrics.  Thanks so much Barbara!  You can find out more information about the 2013 NewFO Challenge right here or by clicking on the cute button with the kittie & his quilter located on the right sidebar of this post.

With that, Catkin and I bid you adieu.  Three more 2012 finishes left to show you before the year draws to a close.


  1. Cute quilt, I like it, even with it's 'error' - which to me just reads 'this end up' as in towards the head of the bed :) Congrats on your win, those are lovely fabrics.

  2. I wouldn't have known the difference if you hadn't told me your original intent. It's a very sweet quilt.

  3. That's just the kind of thing I would do, but then I claim that I "made it my own" and just move on. The quilt is beautiful and I don't think the pyramids look bad, it's amazing.

  4. If you had not pointed out the error I would never have seen it! It's a gorgeous quilt and he's going to love it. And the cats you showed at the bottom of your post - stunning! blessings, marlene

  5. That is exquisite!! And I love your idea of "Catkin Scales the Pyramids"!!!! I really like how you modified the shape to make it suitable for bed use. Beautiful! Happy New Year!! Blessings, D

  6. Love it, what error? We always see our errors first. Its fabulous as is, with all its faults according to you. So what that the blocks are different on top than the bottom. Its totally beautiful!


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