Monday, June 24, 2024

Busy Week - Some New Tops Completed

This past week has been extraordinarily busy with miscellaneous appointments and other obligations, but I did manage to wrangle a few quilts to the finished top stage.

First up, a quilt I'm calling Oriental Brambles (not BB-1 or 2) because the floral branches in the center just look brambly to me!

You may recall a couple months ago I showed the feature fabric, a decorator fabric of undetermined age found in a bin of miscellaneous fabrics in our quilt ministry stash.  No selvedges, so no identification, it had been cut into on all sides, but I loved the print and the possibilities, so it came home with me and straight into the washing machine on delicate setting to see if it would behave in a quilt.  It did, no shrinkage and no color bleeding, so it was a 'go.'  My inspiration for this medallion quilt was a quilt by Gwen Marston that she actually made twice with her same feature fabrics (decorator and chintz) and different border fabrics.  The earliest one I found appeared in her book with Joe Cunningham Quilting with Style, page 148, made in 1981. Her later version made in 2003appeared in the book Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again, page 22.  Some fabrics just age so well that we love coming back to them again and again!  

A lot of practice making flying geese.  By the time I got to the final border, I had absolutely no fabric in my stash large enough to create a lovely wide border in a colorway that would blend in nicely with the center of the quilt.  The dark blue piano key border seemed like the only viable solution since there were only bits and pieces of 8 or 10 dark blues, all less than a fat quarter.  Now, if I can get the quilting finished by the end of August this will be donated to the local camp benefit auction over Labor Day weekend.  And my sweet hubby loves this top (dark blues!) and wants to buy it back from the auction!  We'll see how that goes.  

So now I find myself in the middle of making two baby quilts and a "big brother" quilt for a 3-year old.  The first is this panel I bought years ago (around 2009 as I recall) and never had the opportunity to use it until now.  By the time my grandson had a little brother he was too old for a panel like this!

The quilt top is nowhere near as somber as it appears in this next photo.  The border prints are quite bright and cheerful.  I had in mind to add applique letters spelling out big brother's name on the back (not yet made) but now I'm considering adding them across the bottom of the front.  We'll see when I get the pieces cut out.  

Little brother's baby quilt top was completed a day ago, and the back finished up last night. No photos of the back as everything is packed up to go to the church for layering and pinning Wednesday morning.

Colors are a bit off in this first photo.  A bit better in the next two.

As soon as these are finished and in the mail (by the end of July?!) I'll be starting yet another baby quilt, the next one for a church family. Thankfully, I'll have until the end of September to get that one finished!

That's a wrap for tonight!  Hope you are all recovering from last week's sweltering heat dome!  The lower temps and humidity were most welcome this morning for sure!


Lizzy D said...

Wonderful projects! The boys' quilts are a delight!

Cold here, gale winds...I AC one night over the weekend for Mo,"it's not the heat, it's the humidity, mommy''---he couldn't breathe.

Mystic Quilter said...

I've had such a happy few minutes looking at your quilts here!
Your fully finished Oriental Brambles top is a beauty and you were so lucky to find that central fabric. Again with your next top you hit the jackpot wth the delightful panel of two little ones in a meadow.

Karen said...

Oriental Brambles is an amazingly beautiful quilt! I really hope your husband is lucky with the auction!

Chantal said...

Oriental Brambles is awesome! It looks like it was planned like this all along. You have a great eye for picking the right colours. I also love the boys' little quilts. The sashing in the animal's quilt is perfect. Great job! Enjoy the cooler weather. ;^)

Ann said...

Not only is the center of your Brambles lovely, but each border masterfully echoes part of that center. The dark red, then those pale grayish green geese, and finally the beautiful blue piano keys. If I were at the auction, I’d be competing with your husband.
The baby/brother quilts are charming also. I’m in the middle of making several, too.

audrey said...

Your dark blue Brambles quilt is wonderful looking! It really does have a Gwen Marston vibe. I especially like the strippy border, so much scrappy goodness there.:) You've been very busy! I need to get moving on my latest baby quilt too. They seem so easy to do, but still, there is time and energy involved in the making. Yours turned out very sweet.

Nann said...

Catching up on blog posts after my trip . . . I like the 'painterly' quality of the animals in the final quilt. The bramble panel is very elegant the borders you added are just right.