Friday, April 5, 2024

Two Friday Finishes

 I don't think I've ever posted a first finish for the year this late, but life just moves slower the older we are. Anyway, earlier this week I finished this little doll quilt made of leftover sashing pieces from a camp donation quilt a few years ago.

The backing came from a donated piece of fabric that was once the beginning of a shirt for a young child, and the binding from the ministry bins.  My friendly giraffe will accompany the quilt to its new home on Sunday, when it is given to a little girl in our congregation.  

And, finally, finally, the Circus Animal baby/toddler quilt is a finish!  

My file indicates that this was started in 2021.  I chose to hand quilt this one, such happy blocks how could I resist.  Unfortunately I chose to use up an older (no label) piece of cotton batting that turned out to be a bear to needle.  Had to work on it in short stints, with several other larger quilts being finished up in the meantime.  By the time the last block was quilted, there was no way I wanted to continue hand quilting all the sashings, so earlier this week the Janome came to the rescue with serpentine stitches and last night the binding was completed.  Still, I'm so happy to have put in the effort to hand quilt the blocks since this is such a bright, cheerful quilt.

It may be a bit easier to see the quilting from the back.

This quilt will be saved in the blanket chest for a future great-grandchild, and I hope to have a couple more added to the pile before they are needed a few years from now.  

In the meantime I'll be concentrating on finishing up Bramble Blooms 1 before Audrey posts the starting prompt for the second quilt in the series.   Meaning, of course, I'll need to figure out and actually make the blocks for the second border before the end of the month.

We are still having snow showers every half hour or so, and hoping the skies clear for the eclipse.  We'll be staying home for the event, figuring it wouldn't be worth facing all the traffic to get to a place of totality.  Where we are located it should be about 99 percent - good enough for me!

Enjoy your weekend!


Robin said...

Sweet little finish. Quilt and a giraffe should like a great gift.
The Circus quit looks fabulous. So much work and then to have the batting fight you at every stitch. . . You're a real trooper. I need to take you advise and start making things for great grands.

Chantal said...

Way to go, girl! Two finished quilts! That little doll quilt is so sweet, and a giraffe to boot. Lucky little girl. I loved what you did with Circus Animal and the quilting makes it even more endearing. Awesome work. Too bad that it wasn't enjoyable because of the batting. I hope you do enjoy working on Bramble Blooms. Have a great weekend. ;^)
P.S. We had snow too. Enjoy the eclipse. We will not be able to see it up here in Ottawa.

Barbara said...

Very sweet quilts. I love your little elephant quilting. Hope you’re doing well.

Lizzy D said...

Two adorable finishes! And the sweetest giraffe.

I am not going to try to see the eclipse, except maybe online. With my vision problems I won't risk it--wrong glasses? a windblown displacement, an accidental glance skyward. Nope. Tell us all about it!



Nann said...

Nice to read your post, Pat. Your two finishes are lovely. We'll be in a 98% area, too. I have eclipse glasses ready and hope they are okay. However, I'm having a post-cataract adjustment tomorrow morning so my eyes will be dilated. I won't be able to see much anyway, and I will be VERY cautious about looking at the eclipse. (Eclipse glasses plus the UV protectors from the ophthamologist.)

Nancy said...

What a sweet quilt to go with the cute giraffe. I'm sure the little girl was thrilled!
I love that Circus Animal quilt. The colors are just gorgeous! It's hard to want to keep hand quilting when the batting makes it hard. One of the first battings I tried was Warm and Natural. It seemed like a good choice but I found it hard to hand quilt.
Were you able to see the eclipse? The prediction for our area was mostly cloudy but there were only a few, thin clouds.

Martha said...

Your circus quilt is so bright and happy and the perfect gift for a great grandchild!! We now have two great grandchildren and I need to get busy and make them both a quilt, it is on my agenda!! You've inspired me to get moving!

Barbara said...

Yay for finishing your circus quilt! It looks great! Good idea to so some machine stitching to get it over the finish line. It is a wonderful quilt to save for a future great-grandchild. And that cute doll quilt along with your friendly giraffe will make some little girl very happy :)