Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Bramble Blooms I - second border and linking to the QAL

Update to original April 17 post, and linking with Audrey at Quilty Folk.

The second border prompt from Audrey for Bramble Blooms I was a difficult one for me to wrap my little brain around!  Probably because my first border using the yukata fabric lent a more formal look to the quilt, and the idea of 4, 9 or 16 patch squares as a second border didn't fit what I'd imagined at all.  So, between bouts of dithering about that, I got busy and added a few extra touches to the center, that always felt a bit empty to me.  Birds sounded appealing, so a bluebird magically appeared.  A little extra leaf was also tacked onto the edge of the flower pot/basket.

And, because my husband loves doves, we needed one of those as well, along with a branch to perch upon.

Then we messed around with some uneven 9-patch blocks.  
Definitely not!

On point?
Not feeling the love here either!


Big fat fail!  

The gray yukata has given this quilt a moody vibe, much like our typical April weather - overcast, rainy and otherwise gray and dreary.  It really needed something to lighten the mood just a little but the nine-patch blocks were not going to make that happen in a way that was pleasing to me.  So, back to the drawing board.  Maybe just a few nine-patch blocks in the corners?

Then, from one of the "chunk" bins I found a long strip of this tone-on-tone fabric that had been the back of my Quilty 365 quilt!  Blending very nicely with the print appliques from the first border.  

Ahh, yes!  This is more like it!  Does it even matter that the golden fabric is poinsettias??  So, below is the final rendition of border number 2.  And yes, I did eventually stitch down that little leaf at the right edge of the flower pot to finish it off.  

There may or may not be at least one more wider border added since the quilt right now is less than 48x48 inches.  Too large for a wall hanging in the currently available spaces, and too small for a useable throw quilt.  But for now, there are several other projects I need to get busy on, especially the quilts I need to finish for the quilt auction at the end of summer.

The other possibility is giving one of the quilts hanging in my sewing room for the past ten years a long sabbatical and finishing off BB1 just as it is now.  That idea is growing on me!  Still, it will be awhile before a finished quilt happens.  Life, you know!

I'll leave you with a little sneak peek at the next one in the pipeline.  First two rounds of borders stitched during our quilt ministry meeting a couple weeks ago.  Next border is underway and nearly finished.  More photos soon.

Looking forward to seeing what Audrey has in store for us with Bramble Blooms II!  


Chantal said...

I agree with you. Those big 9-patch blocks had no business in this project. Love the dove and the leaf addition. The Bramble is so pretty in its last picture. I love that you added more half circles in the border and the squares too. It makes the border more interesting. Bravo for a well thought out project! Enjoy! ;^)

Nann said...

It's coming along so well!

Lizzy D said...

I loved seeing how your BB1 has evolved. I did like the on point uneven ( patch blocks, which I think of as Italian Paement, and fitting w the moody vibe.

I haven't worked on mine tho I know what I am planning, in the ''auditions'' sense. No BB 2 for me, but I will love watching from the sidelines.


Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A great solution. It's fun to see what everyone ends up doing with Audrey's prompts.

Paulette said...

Enjoyed reading how your BB has evolved! I love your additions of applique and it seems like you landed on a fabulous second border that works perfectly with everything. Well done!!

Nancy said...

It seems like the second border prompt has been a challenge for at least a few of us, Pat. (I just can't get past the idea of a gingham tablecloth.)
Your birds look great on your center!
I love how you photographed your auditions to show us. I think your checkerboard border looks great and I'm glad to hear you'll be adding another border, too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next (whenever the times comes).
Your next quilt top looks great. I love the blue and coral/orange together!

Barbara said...

I love your thought process when considering the next border. Wow, there's nothing like shaking it up a little. That would have thrown my brain into turmoil, lol! I really like what you came up with and the next border is perfect! The birds add a nice touch to the center--so sweet!

Julierose said...

I love that you posted your thoughts while working on this "challenge"--at least for me i am finding it very difficult ... Nice work hugs, Julierose

audrey said...

Such a great looking quilt! Wonderful framing and use of the special fabric. All the little details make if very much a 'you' quilt!:) Thanks for posting to the link party!

Ann said...

I agree the nine-patches didn’t work. Love your solution and your moody yukata fabric. The center now has a diagonal line that looks very sophisticated. Good choices all around.

Katie said...

I love your first blocks for the border, but agree they didn't fit. And the 9-patches did the same on my quilt. Your outer border is kinda what I was envisioning for my quilt when I realized I didn't have enough for an extra border after my 9-patches. Maybe, though I thought to was done, I need to think again because I do like your border...