Monday, May 10, 2021


It all began with a set of twelve leftover basket blocks from my French Country Strippy quilt of a year or two ago (from Fons & Porter's Fat Quarter Friendly book).  

It's time to be thinking about donation quilts for the upcoming Labor Day church camp auction.  Basket quilts are good ones for this auction, so we set about finding something for the setting triangles that would coordinate with the baskets.  Hubby was convinced this tomato soup red was better than any of the other choices in my stash (mostly tan to brown prints).  Maybe, though it really began the long saga of finding something - anything - that would remotely go with ...  I had some border fabrics leftover from the previous quilt, and they really looked the best, but of course there was not enough.  Nor was there anything else in the stash that either had enough or even began to blend in with what was already on the design wall ... sigh.  This quilt was already angry, flat-out refusing anything I offered.  

So, rather than pitching it into the waste basket next to the sewing machine I figured if nothing was going to play nicely why not introduce something new and that's where we ended up.  I grabbed a piece of this older "Kashmir Style" by Hoffman fabric and some blue solids and introduced them, the Kashmir has both red and blue, even if none of the basket blocks has a speck of blue, and we went with that.

A semi-sunny day a couple weeks ago, in an attempt to get a couple photos that would somewhat capture the colors and sheen of the beautiful border fabric.  You guessed it, the quilt refused to cooperate, exhibiting its continuing fury thusly.

And of course the camera failed to pick up any of the gold highlights that make that border fabric so wonderful, even on the closer shots, which I won't bore you with.  

While watching this little quilty temper tantrum, the perfect name came to me.  There's an old country song called Ruby, are you Mad at your Man.  And here it is, as sung by Rhiannon Giddens.  See if you agree.  

Ruby it is.  And I can't decide whether I love it or hate it.  Lukewarm is probably a better descriptor of my feelings at this point.  


  1. The process of making this quilt may have been fraught with frustration, but the results look beautiful to me!
    Why is it that wind always picks up when we want to photograph quilts?!?

  2. I absolutely adore it! I love the blue addition. Wind or no wind, this is a beauty!

  3. Sometimes there is no such thing as winning! Often I find what I really do not like is a treasure to someone else. It turned out so well and will be loved.

  4. I had to click away from this blog post to listen to the song, but I like it! Catchy. Makes me wanna take up banjo-playing! The song is appropriate for your quilt. I understand your frustrations with not having the "just right" border fabric to pull this quilt together, but I think you've done an admirable job with it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I KNOW someone will behold this quilt and love it! Again, your generosity is showing with all the effort you put into making a quilt to donate. Bless your pea-pickin' "Are you mad at your man" quiltmaking heart!

  5. Ruby definitely has a mind of her own, and the blue in the border also show a bit of sassy attitude. Great job.

  6. It's truly a feisty little quilt. Was it really the wind or was it the quilt trying to escape from the pins? lol. Either way, I love your Ruby quilt. Hopes it brings in lots of $$$ at the auction. ;^)

  7. It's a beauty and I think your addition of the blue was genius. I hope it fetches a pretty penny at your auction.

  8. I believe you've come up with a new quilt category: Bad Girls. ;-)
    Ruby is gorgeous and your collaboration with her is spot on!
    (Rhiannon Giddens is amazing, too!)

  9. I love that you and hubby work collaboratively on your 0h-s0-beautiful quilts! :~) Ruby really needed to step out of the box with that stunning Kashmir style border and a bit of kick from the sassy blue. I love the pictures where she is blowing in the wind!

    1. Yes, sometimes when I get a bit stuck I'll give him several options and ask his opinion. Sometimes it's just good to get a second opinion. Yes, this one is sure sassy!

  10. I think it's beautiful and I'm sure it will do well in the auction! Love the windy photos too, haha. My husband will sometimes get involved in my color selections and often comes up with great combinations. Jan in MA

  11. I think this quilt is beautiful! I think the red setting triangles are perfect. Just really a special quilt. I'm sure whoever becomes its new owner will treasure it! It's too bad about the wind because I would love to see more photos.

  12. I love it! She's got spirit!
    Love the colors and design. She's a winner

  13. I'm sure someone will fall in love with the quilt! It is a stunner!


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