Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Younger Than Springtime - Finished!

 After finishing stitching the last of the binding down last night, I popped this quilt in the wash for its beauty bath.  Today it was sunny when I returned home from quilt ministry so outdoors we went for a few photos.

Loving how soft and spring-like this turned out!

This one gave me no grief whatsoever in the making - probably because I'd made a similar version a couple years ago for donation.  This one will stay with me at least for this summer, I want it on my bed!  Someday it will go to my granddaughter. But maybe not too soon.

The quilting is a mix of big stitch hand quilting and machine free-motion quilting.  The larger square areas between sashings are a machine quilted stencil, and the narrower blocks and borders are hand quilted in a variety of colors of Aurifil 12 wt.  

The backing fabric is a lightweight almost gauze type fabric, giving the quilt a wonderful softness.  I love this backing and would have purchased more if it had been available.  It's been waiting for a special quilt for a couple years now.  

My faithful companion keeping his distance - he was soaking wet from multiple creek-swimming excursions out back.  Temps reached 78 degrees today, what a lovely surprise after snow three days last week.

I'll hopefully be back with a mini later this week, and maybe next week a peek at a not-so-successsful top that was also finished yesterday. Maybe finished isn't quite the right word for it, but you gotta show the bad with the good, right?

In the meantime, happy stitching!


  1. This is such a lovely, soft looking quilt. Your description of the backing intrigues me.
    I look forward to seeing your mini, and I am glad to know you will share the not-so-perfect with us. We must be true friends. :)

  2. I would want this quilt on my bed too! I would love the soft gauzy lining and the big stitch hand quilting! What a beautiful quilt!

  3. So sweet and spring like indeed! I will watch for your mini, but remember - no pressure! If you are late, I will still link it in. Can't wait to see the top you call "not-so-successful".

  4. Wonderful to mix the hand and machine quilting. Makes it all go so quickly, yet you get to have a bit of the lovely hand stitched texture too! I can see why you want to enjoy this one for awhile before potentially handing it off.:)

  5. What a sweet quilt. I wish I could sit and admire the hand stitching up close. I love that you used a variety of colors. That will be a fun thing for a future owner to discover. I'm glad you're going to keep it for yourself. The backing is so beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful quilt for the summer months. Light and airy with soft summery colors. It's okay to use different quilting techniques on one piece for more texture and interest.


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