Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Making my March Mini - Supersized

It all started with the leftover piano keys from this finish from a couple months ago.

Not wanting to begin another leftovers box, they seemed like good candidates for a little coin quilt.

Then I looked at our little porch bistro table and thought how cute it would look in mid-summer with a sweet tablecloth topped with a pitcher of sunflowers or zinnias.  A border from a backing fabric cutoff, a scrappy binding of leftover reds to finish perhaps?

And seeing those colors reminded me of a lot of leftover strips from making placemats for our daughters, and how they might look on the back, alternated with this little red/brown check. Always better when the back is as much fun as the front, right?

And so it grew into this

Finishing at, ahem, 39x39 inches. What can I say, I love it!  And even better, there are still enough wider strips of that olive oil/salad fabric and the check to make at least 4 more placemats for us and possibly some napkins.  Win-win-win in my book.  Linking with Wendy at The Constant Quilter as she posts her month-end roundup of mini-quilt makers.

One more gratuitous photo featuring my silent but ever-faithful companion during these photo shoots. So soothing to stroke all that fur.  For both of us.

May you all find peace in your hearts during these troubled times.


  1. You have more patience than I do to sew all those tiny strips together, but I must admit you turned them into some really interesting pieces. Hope you have enough to make your napkins and place mats! ---"Love"

  2. Darling quilt, both sides! You know how I love piano keys quilts. And I love it that you're thinking of good days ahead, to next summer and a pretty jug of zinnias.

    Gibbs is such a beauty! But all that fur, do you brush him every day? He has such sweet loving eyes.


  3. Looks like a wonderful "super-sized" mini! LOL
    I can envision it on your bistro table with a pitcher of flowers. I also see a pitcher of lemonade and a plate of muffins and cookies. I hope I'll be invited! :)

  4. Your "mini" grew to be the size it wanted to be! Terrific looking. Your doggie looks so sweet. I miss having a pet at times like these...

  5. Very nice! I like how your mind/thinking kept jumping ahead to the next stage of design! I often do that and things keep changing and taking their own direction. A wonderful distraction. Yes, these times are troubled.....the frustration I feel at not being able to make things better is so strong.

  6. I love the last picture with your handsome/pretty dog and the quilt! Don't know if he/she is a boy or girl.

  7. I am not sure which is more beautiful, the quilt or your companion! Obviously both are well cared for! Another beautiful and perfect finish...39x39.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes that companion has wormed his way into our hearts, he's been mostly a daddy's boy but lately has been laying at my feet whenever I sit down. Guess we're friends too!

  8. Your March mini is wonderful. (You might remember that my minis are mostly maxies) what a great way to use the leftover piano keys, plus use so many pieces for the backing. The quilt will look lovely on your table during the summer. Great job!

  9. Congrats on your finish. I love mini quilt projects. I'll be working on a couple soon due to the stay-at-home orders in Ohio. My family is on total lock down due to the health status of our son -- no one in or out. LOVE your faithful companion. We were shopping for adopting a dog or two, but right now it's not a time to risk leaving the house to get one.

  10. Sweet little quilts, well done! Yes, it's always better when the backs are as much fun as the tops. Your furry companion is quite beautiful--keep stroking that fur. Thank you for your words of peace, know they are directed right back to you as well. Blessings from southeastern WV.

  11. What a fabulous mini! There are no size requirements and I say yippee for this one! I just love it!

  12. Excellent! Isn’t it remarkable how one project can lead to another? They sort of have a common thread, right? Literally! I like how you worked out how to keep using sewn pieces. Unlike me who has a small bin of orphan blocks. Someday I’ll have enough for a “kitchen sink” quilt. I envy you having a faithful companion during these challenging days. My “faithful companion” and I can get on each other’s nerves! 😊

  13. Love how your mini evolved! I can definitely envision it on a bistro table with a pitcher of flowers. Enjoy!


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