Thursday, August 30, 2018

OMG - Finally Finished!

It appears I've been on an unintended blogging break, not unlike many others this August.  Where did the month go??  Lots of produce coming into the kitchen every day, awaiting canning and freezing.  That and finishing up and organizing the ministry's donations for this weekend's auction have taken up the entire month.

All across quilty blogland folks post about reaching their OMG - one monthly goal.  I don't even know who started this, but it makes sense, set a goal at the beginning of the month and then actually achieve it.  And I finally did - this month - though there's still today and tomorrow to try to complete my second goal.  We'll soon see ...

Well over a year ago Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter donated several tops along with fabric to back two of them to our little quilt ministry.  All but one had been previously completed and gifted to deserving folks, I think most of them went to families who had lost their homes in fires.  This last one, a sweet sampler top I saved to quilt over the summer, and tada, today it is officially finished, and going through its first wash/dry as I write.

Simply quilted with mostly easy flower and leaf motifs, enough to hold the layers together but still leaving the quilt soft and snuggly.  After its wash and fluff, it measures 49x62 inches, a nice throw size.

A favorite block, and my first attempt at Lori Kennedy's Wheat Braid motif in the vertical sashings.  A very fun motif to quilt, though mine don't (yet) look like Lori's examples!

I've set aside the last 4 months of this year to work on personal quilts after an 8 month marathon of donation finishes.  Still one more day after today to complete one last donation flimsy and set it aside for quilting next year.  That's my second OMG hopeful for this month!


  1. How generous you are, to give so many months to donation quilting. Impressive.

  2. You can do it, you can do it! Your finish for August is lovely and someone will simple adore it. Have fun working on a Few of your own projects too.

  3. It's lovely. Congratulations. It will be so enjoyed.

  4. Super great finish. You have been hard at work to complete so much this year. So take the time to enjoy and sew for you and loved ones now. We can get overwhelmed with our charity projects and defeat ourselves in the process. Finding the balance was so hard for me.

  5. It’s so pretty. I love the colors, and the quilting is just right. I’m up to my eyeballs in canning at this end too. At least another week before it’s going to slow down some.

  6. The pink, black, and aqua...good color choices.

  7. Gosh! You're so very generous with your sewing and quilting time. This is a lovely finish, and perfect, as you say, for someone's lap. I'm sure it will be appreciated this upcoming winter. An auction this weekend? I hope it raises lots of money for some worthwhile ministry. You sure know how to give! And now it's right for you to focus on some "me" sewing time. I have no doubt you're working on something you love!

  8. You do so much good with your quilt ministry--in more ways than one!
    This is a very pretty quilt, and I think you have done a nice job of quilting it. I find samplers a challenge to quilt.
    Good luck getting your personal quilts done in the next 4 months.

  9. Someone very lucky will receive this quilt! The wheat braid looks great. I'll have to try it - I have used many of her quilting designs. I haven't done much blogging and can't believe the summer is over either! As quilters, we don't need to worry about keeping busy during retirement, do we?


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