Monday, July 31, 2017

July's Blessings Big and Small

Our little quilting ministry has been blessed mightily this month!  First, we received three large boxes of gorgeous fabric from a fellow blogger who wishes to remain anonymous but who has blessed us previously as she downsizes her stash.  She is definitely our Quilting Angel!

Then, Debbie of Stitchin' Therapy blessed us with a large box of stencils, many of which are the continuous line, easy to quilt variety.  Some are even linear enough to be quilted with a walking foot, definitely a plus for some of our beginning quilters.  Thank you so much Debbie!  I know they will be put to good use!
The photo doesn't begin to show all the beautiful stencils we received.

A week or two ago, Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter posted a photo of an older top she had made, wondering whether she should update it with new borders, or just trash it.  It was such a lovely sampler quilt I asked if she indeed thought of trashing it, to please send it our way to be quilted and given to a deserving person in our area.  She did, and also sent us three other tops plus backing fabrics for two of them!  What a beautiful gift to our ministry - thank you so much Jocelyn!

I sometimes enter giveaways from fabric companies for fat quarter bundles, and last week was lucky enough to win a sweet bundle of Amanda Murphy's Folkart Fantasy from Benartex.  Yay! I think this will make up into a lovely baby quilt or perhaps a lap quilt for a nursing home patient, or even another small quilt for next year's camp quilt auction.

Reviewing my quilting efforts for the month of July and my 17 in 2017 list, there really isn't a lot to say about my goals for 2017 except I've been plugging along very slowly on the hand quilting of Quilty 365 and the first basket quilt, and I got a start on a late arrival to that list - more on that in a future post.  On the reverse "Opportunity Quilts" side of the 17 in 2017 sheet, I finished the queen size camp auction quilt!

But the sweetest July blessing of all arrived last Wednesday with his mom for a 4-day visit. We had a blast, watching this little guy as he learns to crawl, studies everything and everyone around him, and eats his meals like there's no tomorrow!  And he loves blueberries, which are at their peak right now. We sent them home yesterday with three quarts of fresh-picked berries from our bushes.  What a little joy he is in all our lives!


  1. Quilters are so generous! I am happy to see your ministry group receive blessings from others. These supplies will be put to good use!
    I love quilting from stencils. Those will be a big help in finishing up your group's quilts.
    The auction quilt turned out really well.
    But the happiest thing of all is that sweet visitor you have had. Such a fun age!

  2. Very nice donations! I'm sure it all helps. Lovely to see the sweet little guy too.😊

  3. He is such a cutie.....know you are making lots of grandma memories with him. So glad she passed on that beautiful top for your ministry to finish...and more!
    I remember in the midst of the Mrs. Claus ministry that there were weeks or months even when things just showered down on me. I see you got a good drenching this month. Hold the power that comes with those blessings close and drink it in before you pass it on.

  4. Looks like it's been a wonderful month for you. I can't wait to see that Quilty 365 finished.

  5. Oh yes....that little guy is the best blessing of all. It is so much fun watching them learn their world.

    The quilt donations are fabulous too. You will put them to great use while comforting others.

  6. My, but he is such a cutie! It's fun to have the little ones around us. What a blessing to have all those donations given to your quilting ministry. Happy sewing! --Andrea

  7. Sounds like your cup runneth over with blessings! You've got lots of potential quilts to work on and your little GS is just adorable!

  8. OH my he is just adorable and how wonderful to hear about the donations! What a wonderful ministry and group effort.

  9. I hope that your August is just as full of blessings and wonderful gifts. Such an adorable baby - I would be happy to baby sit :-)


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