Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Camp Auction Quilt is a Finish!

So happy to report that I put the final stitches in the binding of the church camp auction quilt on Saturday afternoon! Our wet weather of late hasn't been ideal for outside photography, to say the least, so here are the best of yesterday's indoor shots.

On our guest room queen size bed.  It finished at 76x87 inches, shrinking about 3 inches in both directions with the quilting and cold water wash afterward. I'm hoping it's a good size for the auction, since it will fit a twin bed with a full bedspread type drop, a double bed with a 12 inch drop, or even a queen bed with an 8 inch side drop.

This was the first time that I can recall using stencils for much of the free motion quilting (can I even call it free motion if I'm following a stencil?). Anyway, I'm very happy with the way the stencils turned out. This little border stencil was very easy to quilt.

As for that background fabric, it's a real chameleon - especially with my fairly limited photographic skills, hehe.  Previous blog commenters have found it to be green, gray, or blue.  In actuality, or at least in my eyes, it's a very light green, and the camera has an extremely difficult time rendering it as my eye sees it. Oh well, imagination is a wonderful thing isn't it!?

I chose two different stencils for the alternate blocks, using the simpler one above for the center blocks as I wasn't sure how well I could execute the more difficult one with my DSM in the center of this large quilt. It turned out to be really easy and the curves were small enough that it was possible for me to reach the end of one curve without needing to stop and adjust my hands.
The second stencil above was used for the outer row of alternate blocks.  A bit more challenging but still a lot of fun to quilt, and not hugely time-consuming. Can you tell I'm fast becoming a real fan of stencils for machine quilting?! They are so forgiving, and take away the angst of trying to recreate a chosen design with "muscle memory" which in reality has never worked well for me At All. At this time of life, there is no need to add more stress to my favorite pastime, and I may even become a fan of machine quilting again, though my first love will always be hand quilting.

A couple of my favorite blocks that haven't been featured in previous posts:

Overall I'm happy with the way this one turned out, and I think/hope it's a style that will do well at the auction. Is it my favorite quilt - umm, no, but still I think it's pleasant and scrappy enough that it will fit in with the primitive or country decor that is popular around here.

As I look at my version of the "17 in 2017" list, there are now five completions on the reverse side which I long ago labeled "Opportunity Quilts for 2017".  Only three small completions on the "17 in 2017" side. So for the remaining few months of this year I really hope to shift my focus to finishing at least two personal goals for the year.  Doesn't sound like a lot, but those two goals are to finish hand quilting the queen size basket quilt and my king size Quilty 365! Then there's the queen size top I've just begun for my son and DIL after seeing their wedding quilt is pretty much worn out after being in use for over 17 years now.  I'd like to be able to give them their new quilt for Christmas. This year. Guess I'd best get to work now.


  1. Its a great looking quilt! Sounds like the hand stitching is calling your name.:)

  2. Your auction quilt is beautiful. I hope it brings a lot is $$. I love using stencils for machine quilting or hand quilting too. They don't seem to be as popular as they once were because of the computerized quilting. But they still work me and you too. Keep going on your list. I'm slowly chipping away on mine as well.

  3. Absolutely it is still FMQ with a stencil!! And it is a skill you have and do well. Better than me:) This soft green quilt did turn out beautiful and should do really well for the auction. You do have some major finishes on your plate, but enjoy the journey and the hand stitching and FMQ!

  4. The quilt is beautiful! I love stencils, anything that makes the quilt more beautiful is fine with me. Sometimes I just use part of a stencil or add a little free motion to enlarge a stencil, it's all fine. I think you've got plenty on your list, three large quilts will easily take up the rest of this year.

  5. Well, it's lovely, and the quilting is beautiful. Someone is going to be very happy with it.

  6. It turned out so very well! And yes, it is still FMQ if you use stencils, because it is not being guided by a computerized machine! You are freely moving the quilt with your hands! : )
    I am a huge fan of stencils! Use them often, myself. You should see my collection, and it is constantly growing.
    I didn't join the "17 in 2017" movement, because I wanted to focus on large quilts this year, and no way would I get 17 of them finished. Well, large quilts haven't happened--but I am still hopeful.
    Your new goals are more realistic for what you know you can do with the remainder of the year. Yikes! Are we already talking like the year is more than half over (because it is)?

  7. I love the way the quilt turned out! And the quilting looks wonderful! I hope it will bring in a goodly amount in the auction. I'm not a big fan of stencils, but that could change. I wish I had some good designs for the 5" blocks of my DJ quilt. I've been quilting each block with something different and have about 19 of them quilted now. Also about half of the sashings quilted. I think I'll look in some of my quilting design books to see if there is something that would work for some of the blocks.

  8. Congratulations ; it is just gorgeous! I love the contrast of that green with the colored blocks.

    I saw your question on my blog ; I don't wash prior to binding, no.

  9. Precioso, un acolchado divino!!


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