Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rainbow Rose Quiltalong

A little late arriving, as the Rainbow Rose Quiltalong is well into Week 3 over at the Modern Quilters Ireland blog!   I had seen a post about the QAL a couple weeks ago, and then a sweet vintage Jolly Bar arrived in the mail from Lara at BuzzinBumble.  It sat on the ironing board waiting to be stitched into Something Special, until Lara's latest post reminded me of the Rainbow Rose quiltalong.

So, what is a mostly traditional quilter like myself doing over at Modern Quilters Ireland blog anyway?  Well, when I looked at the pattern - lo and behold, it's a variation of a traditional Carpenter's Wheel block (Brackman 3811b), the Jolly Bar fabrics are vintage reproductions, and it looked perfect for what I hoped to make from these fabrics - a summer table-topper. And, after all I am 25% Irish!  Why not?

Yesterday saw the completion of Week 2's instructions and much of Week 3, which I finished stitching late this afternoon.   Here is Week 2:

And Week 3:

The camera always sees better than my eye.  Here's what I saw when I first focused on the corners for Week 3:

After a little "frog stitching" and a few minutes later:
Ah, much better!

My "rainbow" is a bit lacking as the colorways of the Vintage Picnic fabric line do not include yellow, and my fabric stash is not plentiful in traditional rainbow hues either.  But I'm happy with where this project is headed and hope to have it completed very soon for our summer dining room table.  

Linking up with the Modern Quilters Ireland blog.  


  1. Took me a LONG time to find the "oops".
    I think it will be very summery, and you gave many good excuses--I mean reasons why you should be joining in. : )

  2. I really do like the direction this one is going for you. Yellow is definitely not missed in your chosen layout. The camera does have a way of shining the spotlight on "those" things!!! LOL!

  3. What a great block and your "modern" look is really very charming and cheerful. The fabrics and design teamed up perfectly.

  4. Looks great! I love the fabrics and colors.

  5. Thanks a million for linking up - It looks great. Its funny how a project will still read as rainbow even without all the rainbow colours!

  6. That is looking great. What a fun block that is!!!!

  7. Your rose is very happy and fresh, it's bound to enhance the mood and appetite of all those gathered in the dining room)) The fabrics are so fun!

  8. It looks like a fun project. Do you plan to quilt it?

  9. I really like this, the colors work wonderfully in those blocks. I'm glad you're taking pictures and saw the renegade before you went further, I always seem to see them when the quilt is all pieced.

  10. It looks wonderful and this block is just right for your Vintage Picnic fabrics!
    You made me laugh with the term "frog" stitching. I'm guessing it's because you "Rippit, Rippit"? I'm going to have to remember to use my camera as an extra set of eyes like you did.

  11. I made that same mistake in that same corner. I love your version of the Rainbow Rose.

  12. Welcome to the party! It's been a really fun few weeks and great to head over to other people and see what they have done each week. Yours is looking great.


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