Friday, April 29, 2016

Busy Week

Since 'Thing Two' came to stay with us this week, life has been a bit more rambunctious, in keeping with his adolescent puppy personality.  However, after putting up beyond his reach  all the in-progress quilting, batting, etc. etc., I was able to work on one small project for our Quilt Ministry.

For our May meetings we'll be working on making Violet Blocks, and the pattern I'm using is courtesy of Jean-Sophie Wood at    This seemed to be an easy enough block that our relative beginners could make successfully and still be a bit challenging for the few who have some quilting experience.  I made up a few sample blocks yesterday from some donated fat quarters and some of my scrappy pieces.  These blocks will finish at 8 inches, although Sophie has thoughtfully provided a cutting chart for several alternate sizes in her instructions.
I just love the cheerful nature of these blocks and think they will make someone a lovely comfort quilt.

I made some partial blocks to use on a demonstration board so everyone could see the steps in the construction process.

Departing from Sophie's excellent instructions in one area, we will draw two diagonal lines 1/2 inch apart across the background squares, so the cut-off excess can be used for small triangle-square blocks - waste not, want not!

A few of the over 75 HST's from yesterday's sewing stitched together into a little sawtooth border strip.

Thanks to Sophie for providing all these wonderful patterns through your blog and your website!

Look for pieces of the leftover scraps in upcoming Quilty 365 circles!

We'll have our next ministry meeting a week from tomorrow, and it'll be fun to see what our quilters come up with.  We've also been blessed with several large boxes of fabric donations, and some unfinished vintage quilt tops that we have yet to go through.  Fun and work awaits us, and I can't wait to get into those boxes that arrived last Sunday.

Now, to get back to some of my languishing projects.  A wedding and a baby quilt loom on the immediate horizon.   If the incessant drizzle and cold weather continue I may even find time to get to them ... after 'Thing 2' returns home on Tuesday.

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict since there are indeed pieces of scrappy goodness in these blocks and their leftover pieces!


Dana Gaffney said...

Those are really cute and your beginning quilters will have something to be proud of. Lots of patience, which you may be out of until Tuesday, then your house will be too quiet, LOL.

Janet O. said...

These are happy blocks!
Great job on the demo board--that should explain things well.

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE that posey block. It will make a great finish.

Debbie said...

Love the blocks you have made.....perfect learner and comfort block.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I love these violet blocks ; perfect for this time of year ( I have violets scattered throughout my lawn right now! :)

Susan said...

I was half-hoping to win a set on the lotto in March, but I've made the ones I need myself now. It is a great block for a comfort quilt. Maybe all those scrappy triangles can be part of a border?

Ruth said...

Very pretty blocks! I'm sure a quilt made out of them will bring joy to someone. Sounds like you have a good group and lots of donated fabric. What fun!

Kyle said...

This block will definitely make a pretty quilt for someone. Your group is off to a wonderful start due to your hard work and dedication and great teaching ablitities.