Monday, October 12, 2015

Back again

It seems like forever since I last posted, but we are now back home from our cross-country trip.  We spent ten days in Oregon, and enjoyed every minute, several days along the coast, a couple days in the John Day area of eastern Oregon, and some time visiting old friends and also my sister and BIL.

After over a year without stepping inside a quilt shop, my first stop had to be my old haunt, Boersma's in McMinnville near our previous home!
First my blogging friend Ruth at and I met at the coffee shop across the street for a leisurely hour of catching up over our favorite lattes, then it was over to Boersma's for some serious shopping.  With my list and fabric swatches in hand, a couple hours later a great pile of notions, batting and fabrics had built up on the counter, including most of the fabrics in the next couple photos.
My supply of pink fat quarters was practically non-existent before the addition of these pieces (all but two from Boersmas), and the pink and green triangle fabric is slated to become the back of a quilt for a granddaughter - a happy find from Boersma's bargain basement selection!

From the Willamette Valley we headed to the southern Oregon coast, and (for me) one of the highlights was my own little quilt shop hop as we journeyed from Port Orford northward to Astoria, encouraged by an indulgent hubby, who insisted we stop at every quilt shop we encountered.  Of course, after the first couple of stops a theme began to emerge and this group of Oregon coast-related fat quarters and yardage will eventually become a quilt for him.  In all we managed to visit eight quilt shops during our six days on the coast!
Mostly fat quarters and end of bolt pieces, with a couple larger pieces mixed in, including the fabulous yardage featuring old salmon canning labels, most of which were from canneries along the Columbia River in the Astoria area.  Many years ago when my husband first lived in Oregon he worked for the OSU Seafood Lab in Astoria, so this will become the focus fabric for his Oregon quilt.  We found this fabric in a great little shop called Homespun Quilts in Astoria.

I also picked up a few sweet green 1930s repro fabrics to add to my small collection, and hopefully these will become aprons for the cooks in the family before too many months.

Since we returned there has been little time for stitching, what with the last of the garden produce to bring in, and now tons of leaves falling.  We are at peak colors right now in these parts, though today is the last warm day predicted for the month (or perhaps six months).  Anyway, 20 pints of salsa verde are now safely stashed in the basement, the laundry is almost caught up, and it's looking like some extended time in the sewing room might be on the horizon.  The first of the basket quilts is nearly a completed flimsy, with only the final borders to be added, hopefully later today.  Photos of a finally completed top in my next post ...  It's so good to be home again!

Happy Monday!  Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends!


  1. Happy you had a nice vacation in an area I'm especially fond of ;) Boersma's is a great place and you found some lovely fabrics that will keep you busy for awhile.

  2. What a wonderful trip. So glad you got the chance to do some fabric therapy. It looks like you have many happy projects ahead as the weather turns from golden fall days to cold winter days.

  3. I can't believe you went over a year without stepping into a quilt shop! Sounds like you are beginning to make up for it, though. : )
    How fun to meet up with Ruth! She is a sweetheart.

  4. Sounds like a great trip...with great fabric treats. Coming home is always so nice too.

  5. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a fabulous time in Oregon. I visited there twice, but I wasn't able to do any fabric shopping at the time because I was traveling with my dad and my sister, both of whom determined our itinerary with no input from me. ha! From what I read on blogs, it seems like Oregon is a quilter's paradise ... and it seems like you certainly took advantage of ... plenty of wonderful "souvenirs".

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Of course, any trip that includes fabric shopping sounds wonderful to me LOL! You enhanced your stash with some lovely pieces :*)

  7. It looks like your shopping was successful! I love your selection of fabrics. And your DH will be getting his own quilt to remember his time in Oregon! It was such fun to meet with you and I'm happy you had a safe trip.

  8. I'll admit to having a bit of a chuckle about you moving all the way to New York so that you could vacation in Oregon. Glad you had a good trip.


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