Monday, October 19, 2015

A "commission" quilt!

During a recent visit:

"Grandma, do you remember the quilt you made for me?"
"Do you mean your pink fairy quilt?"
"Yes.  Well, my quilt is getting old, and I'll be needing a new one (pause) when I'm five."
Out of the mouths of babes!  Now, I happen to know this little gal and her mom have taken very good care of her quilt, and while it's been on her big-girl bed since she received it for Christmas nearly three years ago, it is still in great condition!  But, I guess when you've had something for more than half your life it may seem old, all things being relative.  And how could I resist a sweet request like that!

I remembered a giveaway prize I'd won quite awhile back from Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts.  I'd been waiting for just the right occasion to use these sweet fabrics.
The pattern that came with the kit only uses about half the strips in the jelly roll, so I opted instead for this fun pattern, that makes a slightly larger quilt and amazingly the kit had nearly everything needed to make this quilt top.  The pattern I chose appears in the March-April 2015 issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting.
Gasp!  A hexie-quilt!  Something I swore I'd never, ever make, yet here we are.  Thankfully these hexie shapes are huge, and this looks like the perfect quilt to try out some big-stitch hand quilting. So, after cutting, stitching, pressing, and stitching some more, here's what we have so far.  These half-hexie blocks aren't in any particular order or arrangement, just plopped onto the design wall as I complete each unit.   Miss Abby requested her new quilt have some "pink." That cute pink and green triangle fabric is one of the pieces I picked up while on our Oregon trip, just for this quilt, and a few accents on the front and the backing will be from this fabric.
When I have all the half-hexie blocks stitched, I'll play with various arrangements, haven't decided whether to combine like colors into hexies or make it completely random.  Lots of design wall fun ahead.
Thanks again Sharon for these great fabrics!  I'm having great fun using them.


  1. That looks awesome. I love the colors.

  2. This hexie quilt looks like it goes together much more quickly than the fiddly little blocks stitched over small papers. : )
    Delightful design and the fabrics are so fresh looking!

  3. How fun! Could be she is just ready for a big girl quilt and she will love this one I am sure! Sounds like you got bit with the never say never bug! The hexies do look great!

  4. Gosh, that is going to be a super cute quilt. Your granddaughter is going to love it. You've chosen bright girly colors and it looks like a design that will go together relatively quickly.

  5. That's a very neat looking quilt! I'm sure she will love it.

  6. This is going to be such an adorable quilt! It'll be a hit for sure!

  7. That is beautiful, how great that she's coming back for another one :). So in a few years she'll be needing another and another :). How wonderful that she loves quilts.

  8. You're right. No one could resist a sweet request like that!

  9. LOL it's good to be a grandma, isn't it...especially a grandma who takes the hint, lol!


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