Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the Value of Soaking, and a Win!

Yesterday's mail brought this delightful fat quarter bundle of AMB Solids, courtesy of Clothworks!  AMB stands for American Made Brand cotton solid fabrics celebrating the Farm to Fabric Movement.  These gorgeous fabrics are completely created right here in the United States from domestically grown cotton!  They were featured in the recent AMB Blog Tour, and I was the lucky commenter on New Mexico's entry, created by Dora of Dora Quilts blog.  This particular bundle reminds me of the many hues of the skies and canyons of the American southwest.
Many thanks to Clothworks and to Dora for this bundle of gorgeous fabrics!

After posting the photos yesterday of the completed bow tie vintage quilt, I put it in the bathtub for a hot soak in a bubblebath of Biz and original blue Dawn.  I knew it needed a bath and had a few slight stains, but really ...
This is after a 2-hour soak:
And after 8 hours, even more soil had been released into the water:
After snapping the second photo, I drained the water and gave the quilt an overnight soak in clean cool water.  The initial soak appeared to have removed at least 90 percent of the worst stain.

This morning I moved the quilt to my front loading washer, ran a cold water rinse and spin cycle, then ran it through a complete wash cycle using the delicate setting and with only a small amount of liquid Biz.  Then into the dryer on low setting.  Although the photo probably won't show the vast difference from the photos in yesterday's post, I'm amazed at the snowy whiteness of the background and backing fabrics, and how all of the prints have brightened.  The stain mentioned above is only slightly visible now, if you know where to look for it.   And, it has crinkled up just the way a vintage quilt should.  Very pleased!


  1. Your description of the hues of your FQ bundle is spot on, to me!
    Wow, look at that water!
    I can understand why you are pleased. Looks like something you would love to curl up under now!

  2. The tub bath is amazing! I should do that to an old quilt. Can you let me know how much Biz & Dawn you used?

  3. Holy Moley! The color of that water is something else. Now you really have given that quilt a new life. Amazing!

  4. Wow, that bow tie quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Amazing change!!!! Bow-tie quilts are so classic and I'm very glad this laundering worked out!!!!! The AMB is the 'talk' around here!!!! I'm so glad it is receiving such accolades!!!!!


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