Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Finish in Oregon and taking a break from blogging

Yesterday I finished stitching down the binding on the light blue utility quilt I've been using for free motion quilting practice.  This top was acquired online from a contact in Ohio who purchased it at a Mennonite estate sale.  I think the fabrics in the top are 1980s or 1990s vintage.  The top was machine pieced and seemed perfect to accomplish some FMQ practice and have something useful to show for it.  Here is the complete finished quilt.  This one was very difficult to photograph, both inside and out on the deck, owing to the pale tiny calico prints and my general lack of expertise in the photography department!

The quilt was backed with a luscious French General print I found on sale recently, and I have to say that I almost prefer the back to the front!  The batting is Hobbs Tuscany 100% premium polyester, which is more dense and thicker than their polydown batting.  After using both, my personal preference is the polydown, although this quilt has a nice soft feel and great loft for the feather borders.
The feathers in the wide outer border were completely free-form, and much fun, although the tiny print calico made seeing where the backtracking needed to go more difficult.  I experimented with several colors of thread while doing the feathers, although the darker shades were more visible, I much preferred the lighter pastels.

The sale of our home is progressing well, and we will be going into full packing mode very shortly, so I'll be taking a break from blogging for the duration until we're settled again in western New York.  Finding a temporary rental property that will accept pets is proving more difficult than we had hoped, but I'm sure the right place will present itself when the time comes. 

One last photo with the big blue pot.
Blessings to you all this summer!


  1. So pretty, and the feathers are just beautiful. This one is special so pack it up carefully. Sending prayers for a smooth move---packing and all. Look forward to your return and seeing where you land!

  2. Love your gorgeous feathered borders!
    Wishing you a smooth and happy move!

  3. Your feathers look lovely and so well done. Hope your move goes smoothly. It will all fall into place.

  4. Will miss you but know our thoughts and prayers for a safe/smooth move are with you. The quilt finish is just lovely and the feathers are a wonderfully perfect motif for this one. And you are so right, that backing makes this one totally reversible!!!!! Hugs and prayers...........

  5. I love the quilt and the quilting is wonderful. It's a great idea to have a "practice" quilt and your "practice" is top notch

  6. The quilting looks lovely Pat and the backing fabric is gorgeous. Good luck on your move. Pets can make life difficult sometimes, but they are definitely worth it

  7. Best wishes for a successful and uneventful move!
    Lovely quilt.


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