Friday, January 18, 2013

My Mystery Batik

Last weekend we stopped by my favorite local thrift shop run by volunteers for the local humane society and this is what I found:
This wonderful batik is unsigned, but the pencil marks outlining the major elements before it was painted are still evident.  It measures approximately 18x12 inches.  The volunteer who sold it to me said she had bought "the other one" and it was similar in size and type.  She thought it might be Southeast Asian.  My first thought was to add some fabric borders and then free motion quilt it into a wall hanging.  But, before I do anything to it, I'd love to know more about its origin and approximate vintage!  After searching online and looking at several hundred images of art batiks I find nothing approximating this in style.  I'd love to hear any comments or leads you might have!

The local quilt guild I recently joined does a block of the month.  Each month we're assigned a different block and in the spring we have nine blocks and most of the participants make them into a baby quilt.  The major project of our guild is to supply quilts and receiving blankets to a local 'layette project' that provides gift baskets to low income new parents who might not have the means to provide everything needed for their new baby.  Since I just joined mid-year, I decided to turn this month's block into a baby quilt project.  So with a few pieces from my stash and a couple of charm packs chosen from the Traveling Stash box that visited here in November, this block
became this wild and colorful top.
I'm sure this top would have benefited from some solid sashing between the blocks but I didn't have enough of either the purple or light green to do that.  I should have this quilted and bound by February and then some Easter baby will have lots of dots and bunnies and ducklings to count!

Today's mail brought a wonderful surprise that I'll share in an upcoming post!  And that's about it for my week.  With any luck, we'll see the sun next week?!


  1. I like the quilt just as it is. Lots of movement and color. I love the batik too!

  2. Nice find! I know nothing about it, but hopefully someone will at least point you in the right direction. I like your quilt without the sashing. The way the colors are laid out it looks very modern :)

  3. The batik is a great 'find'! Haven't seen anything similar,though. The little quilt is so wonderful as is (echo Barbara above!) and will be a blessed addition to someone's "Blessed Addition". So thoughtful......hugs, Doreen

  4. Such a great find! That little quilt is so precious and will be much loved! Hugs, Doreen


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