Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Humble Abundance

As many of you know, Lori over at Humble Quilts has been  hosting a little quiltalong this past couple of weeks.  Her quiltalong features a sweet little vintage doll quilt from her collection, and her tutorials for making a reproduction of that piece.  You can see Lori's initial blog post announcing the quiltalong here,  and now Lori's linky party showing all the participating creations here!

Lori named her little quilt Abundance.   I've decided to call my rendition Humble Abundance, for a number of reasons, but let's just say the little cut-off triangle points are reason enough, lol!  Here it is in the initial stages.
While going through my bins of scraps I discovered there are very few pinks or light blues to be found!  Practically none, in fact, and most of the scraps were in ever-so-slightly-too-narrow strips.  I decided to use only fabrics from the scrap collection, and so only one fat quarter was cut into, that being the mustard colored print in the large outer triangles.  There were a number of browns and tans that seemed to compliment the mustard print so they were pressed into service as well.  My little quilt was pieced entirely on a 1950s Singer 301A, one of my favorite machines for piecing.  The 301 also did a great job attaching the binding to the quilt front, without the aid of a walking foot.  The pieced block:
And, here is the quilt after hand quilting and binding stitched down. 
I'm really looking forward to Lori's linky party next week and seeing how everyone else is creating their little Abundance!  Thanks for a great tutorial and quiltalong to Lori at Humble Quilts!

Next time I'll need to use this cute little machine for my piecing.  This is a Singer 28 from 1933, and it stitches beautifully.  A Mothers Day gift from my sweetie several years ago.


  1. Your Humble Abundance is beautiful. And you already have it hand quilted and bound. I am impressed. It looks great sitting on that vintage machine.

  2. I like it, what a great way to use up scraps. You have some wonderful machines, it's amazing how well they sew without all of the gadgets.

  3. Love your Abundance quilt & hand quilted too!! Thought it interesting that we both experienced the same discovery - certain colorations in our stash that were hard to come by. - guess that means a trip soon to the LQS!! Your Singer looks like a dream. I have been searching for an affordable Featherweight but have found those two words don't typically come together. Sigh....
    Thank you for visiting earlier and becoming a follower. I agree - looking forward to seeing all the little Abundance quilts.

  4. Will have to 'hop' over and check out the QAL for sure! Your finish is so sweet! Nothing beats those old stand-bys of years past and it appears your little quilt may have found an appropriate home! Nicely done!! Hugs, Doreen

  5. Enjoyed revisiting your sweet Abundance quilt & want to also say how gorgeous your header is

  6. Love your fabrics and the gold binding!

  7. I love your little quilt! And I love that you used your stash and different colors from the rest of us.

    I've heard such wonderful things about the 301. Someday....

  8. I am follow the links to see all the little quilts. Interesting to see the different fabric choices. I just made my quilt top this evening. Too late for the party but I finally found time to do it.


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