Wednesday, May 3, 2023

April's Final Finish

 The old saying "a day late and a dollar short" might just apply here, as it's already the 3rd of May and I'm just now getting a chance to post April's final finish.  Though, since I didn't make the top, it probably should be called a half-finish!

The top was donated to our quilt ministry by Nann of With Strings Attached.  This photo is right after the binding was added, before washing to remove the stencil markings.  The quilting is a bit easier to see in these two photos.

Early evening photos in the sunlight, on the last sunny day we've had in quite awhile.

I think this quilt will be donated to the camp auction that takes place over Labor Day weekend.  It's a great size, just right for afternoon naps in a favorite recliner.  I love the bright bold colors Nann used!

I learned something important when washing this quilt.  As usual, after using Crayola washable markers to mark the stencils, I used a cold water rinse and spin cycle to make sure the marks were gone before adding any soap to the wash cycle.  One of the yellow fabrics refused to release the marker color.  After several more rinses, I finally put the quilt into the bathtub with warm water and Blue Dawn dish soap.  Just like magic, the marks disappeared.  Very thankful!

There are two more donation quilts to finish and then I can hopefully return to some of my own projects.  Looking forward to that!

After several days of cold rainy weather intermixed with wet snow and hail, we're hoping for a weekend filled with sunshine.  Hopefully no more hard frosts as the pear trees are blooming and the apple and cherry trees are close, as well as the blueberries.  Some years I've had the little round table out on the porch already because it was warm enough to have mid-morning lattes out there. Not this year, at least not yet.  

Til next time, happy stitching!


Nancy said...

What a bright, fun quilt! You're so generous to quilt it and Nann is generous to donate it.
Thank you for sharing the information about/trouble with getting out the Crayola washable markers marks. That's what I've used on my Flowers quilt that's currently in the hoop. Now I know how careful I have to be. Do you think how long the mark has been on the quilt has an effect on how easily it comes out of the fabric, or maybe it needs soap to get the mark out. I always thought Crayola washable markers were so safe.

Kyle said...

The bold colors shout summer! It will be a great quilt be your camp auction. Glad the markings came out. It always makes your heart race just a bit. Whew!

FlourishingPalms said...

What a nice finish, Pat! So you quilted this one? When I enlarged the photos, I could see some pretty designs in the quilt - blossoms, and hearts. How nice that it will be auctioned, though I know how those can go. Sometimes they don't bring in the $$$ that they deserve. Good to know about the stencil removal tips too. I'm sorry your spring weather hasn't been very agreeable, though it's wonderful that you have fruit trees. Fresh is 100 times better than anything store bought. I've noted that in the last decade, my desire for fruit has completely waned... nothing tastes as good as I remember eating when I was younger. I'm anxious for you to get your little round table set outside, as I really enjoy imagining you sitting at it with a cuppa. Such a lovely way to appreciate a beautiful day.

Lori said...

What a wonderful quilt! Dawn soap is amazing! Glad it came out.

Janet O. said...

I am captivated by the vibrant sunshine and greenery of this quilt. It really sings summer!
A very nice finish. Good of you ladies to donate your efforts.
Thanks for sharing your marker/Dawn experience. There is a good reason behind my tendency to purchase blue Dawn in huge containers at the big box stores.
Oh, I hope those tender buds do not get a hard freeze!

Robin said...

That is ONE BRIGHT QUILT. It must be because of the full sunshine. We've had so few days of sunshine this winter I have to squint when I go outside. Dawn is an amazing product for sure.

Lizzy D said...

A bright cheery quilt. Im sure your quilting adds so much. I hope it brings a good auction price.

Your weather doesn't sound May-like, hail? Ugh.

Barbara said...

What a bright and cheery quilt! I'm so glad that marker came out. What a sigh of relief :) Wonderful quilting design and a great finish!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

A beautiful quilt, and good tip about using Dawn! I've never had trouble with the washable markers but if I ever do, I will try to remember what you did!

Nann said...

Pat, you did a wonderful job! You might note that the design was the American Patchwork and Quilting quilt-along, design by Sherri O'Connell. Years ago I had quilt markings that were nearly impossible to remove. Ever since I've tried to avoid having to mark!

audrey said...

I haven't had quilt markings refuse to come out for years now, but it's still a lingering fear. So glad the stubborn fabric finally released the markings! It's a wonderful summer-look quilt. Very bright and striking.:)