Thursday, March 2, 2023

Marching Forward

 Well, so much for getting a second post for February composed!  Not that nothing has been accomplished, but I suppose it's much more fun posting a new finish than reporting on the daily slog to move projects forward.

So, since we last visited, I've accomplished the ditch quilting on three quilts that are now ready for some FMQ or hand quilting.  One of the donation tops from Nann was my favorite, and though it's mostly all florals and leaves, the bright colors make me think of mid-summer and citrus fruits. I'm loving working on this one.  Now that the ditch quilting around the blocks is finished, the plan is to free motion a leafy-loopy pattern in each block, and probably also in the outer border. Don't think a fancy stencil will show up well on that leafy print you can see along the right edge in the photo below.  

I've also made progress with piecing my vintage spin blocks, up to 23 now (I think).  They're super easy piecing - free pinless piecing - which is a departure for me  who always loads up on pins attempting to achieve perfect piecing - an impossible task! A few more of the blocks for this top:

It will be interesting to see if all these blocks can be merged into one harmonious whole.  My husband doesn't want me to cut the wagon wheels down into squares, but instead divide the blocks into several tops, which would result in 22" blocks! 🤣 

Ah, probably not.  Needless to say though, this quilt has been more fun than I've had quilting in quite awhile, and stretching my imagination quite a bit in the process.

So, last Sunday I volunteered myself to make two donation quilts for an older woman and her multiply-challenged adult son.  Being immune-compromised she has not felt safe for either of them to be among large groups of people, and though they come to church regularly, they listen to the service via FM radio in their car.  It must be so lonely for them feeling they must remain isolated from the world, but they and we are thankful for the electronic means available to keep in touch.

Anyway, the son's quilt will be a lap size, probably finishing in the neighborhood of 40x45 or 50 inches. An animal theme was suggested, especially dogs, and I found a sweet panel online, and have just begun the design/piecing process for this one. Planning to see if there are any more ducks or geese fabrics in the ministry stash before finalizing anything, but my fabric pull from home stash is here.

So, that's a wrap for February's progress.  Snow-rain-sleet storm is predicted for our end of the state tomorrow into Saturday.  Depending on which weather model is used, we're supposed to get anywhere from 4-11 inches of snow.  Time will tell, if it's as bad as they predict, there should be lots of quilty sewing time over the weekend. 

Til next time, happy stitching!


Chantal said...

Nann sure has a summery quilt with this one. Love it! Congrats on getting all those circles (?), wheels (?), dots (?) blocks done. They are wonderful. The panel with the dogs is so sweet. Love it. Good luck with the deterring. ;^)

Janet O. said...

That is a very happy spring/summer looking quilt under the needle. A good thing to work on during a cold winter day.
I'm intrigued by what you are planning to do with those wheel blocks. I think they would make a great quilt as is--appliquing onto blocks and making it 3 x 3 or 4 x 4. But you already have your plan, and I can't wait to see it!
Good of you to make quilts for the woman and her son. Looks like you have a great group of fabrics with which to get started.
Stay warm and cozy as the storm (however large it may be) rages.

Lizzy D said...

Love the first citrusy, summery, almost tropical cocktail first quilt, looking at it on this grey day. And you know I love the Cartwheels, tho I didn't understand about cutting them up? down? something...It's so wonderful that you find making them fun, they look so difficult to make and have lie flat.

I was taught not to pin anything ever. My dad [my quilting teacher] pinned nothing and then later when I worked in mass produced garment construction, it was a def no-no, a waste of time/ time is money. No wonder my points never meet, lol.

The immune compromised people--I do feel for them as I too am immune compromised by almost 15 years of immune suppressant IV drugs. I too rarely go out now, and worry afterward. It's a blessing that they can attend church at the distance via FM.

Warmish here, but I am dreading yet another wind event, so frightening.



Kyle said...

I'm glad you're having fun making your wheel blocks. They'll look great however you decide to set them. Taking the time to make all the donation quilts that you do is a beautiful way to share your talents 😍

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Your vintage spin blocks look great. They must be fun to make. The only time I pin is when attaching long borders or something like that. What a good cause, for your donation quilts. Hope you are hunkered down for whatever Mother Nature has in store for you!

Nancy said...

I love your vintage spin blocks. They are delightful! I'm looking forward to seeing how you put them together.

You're so kind to make quilts for the lady and her son. I'm sure they will appreciate them.

I hope the bad weather went around you. I wish the snow would come our way! Take care!

Robin said...

The vintage spin wheels are looking great. You've been busy making so many. I know what you mean about it being more fun to talk about something new than just report the progress of your current project. But, I enjoy following along through the process. I don't post much because I am hand quilting a project that will still take at least 4 more months to finish. It has squelched my quilting mojo but it has to be done. I like your fabrics for the dogs and geese project. That is going to make a dynamic quilt.

Barbara said...

You've certainly been busy! Love your spin blocks and idea to cut them into fours. Are you following a pattern? That is so nice of you to volunteer to make quilts for that older woman and her son :)

Nann said...

I recognize that quilt! It was the Moda/AP&Q quilt-along designed by Sheri O'Connell. Stevens and I made a special trip to Patched Works in Elm Grove, WI to shop for the sashing (which was not what I'd had in mind at all) -- one of our first outings when we were all recovering from / getting used to the Covid threat. That citrus print has been used in a number of projects since then.

The wheels are easy piecing, you say? They look like a challenge to me.
And bless you for making the quilts for your fellow church members. (Our sanctuary is so empty now that social distancing is no problem.)