Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A December Finish and Soft Packages

Late this afternoon the last stitch was put in the grandson's Christmas quilt - yay! So happy to have this one out of the way so other holiday preparations can begin.  So, without further ado, here are the finish photos, very hastily shot while our new four-legged friend was outside briefly. 

The front
The back

This was free motion quilted with a fairly large meander leaving the quilt nice and soft. I used a variegated thread in the bright border and then in the outer border repeated the variegated thread but used the even feed foot and my machine's serpentine stitch.
Finally found a great use for this variegated thread!

I was about finished photographing the back when in bounded this guy heading straight for the quilt (of course)!
The only in-focus shot of the whirling dirvish!

We're having to watch him like a hawk as he can find more stuff to get into the minute we look away.  Pretty much like having an inquisitive toddler in the house, but there's been a lot more laughter around here these last couple weeks so it's all good. We have decided that the Christmas tree will need to be a table-top one this year for obvious reasons!

In today's mail was one of those small squishy packages that we quilters so love to see, and this one was the result of having won a recent giveaway from Barbara Woods - this sweet gathering of fat quarters! Thank you so much Barbara!

Keeping those in the path of the raging fires in California as well as all the firefighters in our prayers tonight.  

The last major finish of 2017


  1. Yes, great finish and I love the bright thread you used to blend with it overall. I do believe Gibbs needs a quilt to call his own.

  2. what a cute pup!!!
    great star wars quilt - what fun.

  3. Love your Star Wars quilt. Colors are all tied together so well. Hugs, lJ

  4. Your grandson is going to love that quilt--as does your pup, it appears. :)
    Great job centering the front and back together. That can be tricky.
    You won a lovely bundle of fabric.

  5. Your grandson is going to go crazy when he sees his new quilt. It's perfect. Your puppy looks like he's very active, but little ones can bring such joy

  6. That quilt will get lots of use by your Grandson - betting he will take it everywhere! And it looks like Gibbs has given his official paw of approval...I remember our first Christmas with sheltie #6 - our Seana - our tree was elevated too, She is well behaved now, but every once in awhile, I will see an ornament swaying a bit and know she was checking it out...

  7. His coat looks so beautiful I almost felt the silkiness to it! Oh, congratulations on your new family member!

    I had to snicker when you said 'finally a use for the variegated thread'. Me, too. I bought several when I started quilting, and there never seems to be just the right quilt for them. You're right. A four year old won't care about any little quilting bobbles, and will adore multicolored thread, too. A great finish in time for Christmas!


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