Sunday, November 19, 2017

Another gift quilt in the rough

In an earlier post a couple weeks ago I wondered if it was possible to pull off another bed size finish for a Christmas gift - this year - yes, insanity I know.  But pedal to the metal, here is the beginning of said quilt, now a completed top and a completed pieced back (Or maybe he'll decide that's the front, my grandkids have been known to do just that!). 

The top (I think!)

and the back

And here's a close-up of the back showing that little sashing cornerstone fabric that I fell in love with.

I had enough of this fabric for the entire back, but figured it was a little bit dated for a modern 4-year-old Star Wars fan!   I just love it though, and I'm sure the remainder will find its way onto the back of another quilt in the not-too-distant future.  It's a Riley Blake Design from 2014 called Rocket Age by October Afternoon.  Pretty cool huh, especially for those of us of a certain age who remember things like 'decoder rings'!

So, this afternoon the batting was cut to size, and I'll get this layered and pinned on Tuesday morning at quilt group when I have access to the big tables, then on to some simple machine quilting.   The quilt top measures 62 by 75 inches, a substantial twin bed size. 

Tonight's task though is cutting binding for this, plus the five hexie table toppers awaiting a finish for Christmas gifts.  It's going to be a busy month, especially if some pending big news becomes reality, details in a week or so.   Oh, and I need to finish painting the kitchen and dining room before next weekend!  Whew!

A blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday to all!


  1. What a cute quilt. Your 4-year-old will love it.

  2. What a great quilt....double sided, to enjoy as he grows:) I love the backing fabric, and I am sure it will be put to use another time.

  3. Wow! Great job! I love it and I'm sure he will too. Good luck with your goal. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. ;^)

  4. Both sides look great. It will be fun to see which one is chosen.

  5. Ha Ha--I can tell you my grandsons would definitely think the "back" was the "front"!!
    That is a very fun new "vintage" fabric for those of us of a certain age. Did you ever get a decoder ring in a cereal box? I seem to remember such an event when I was about 6 or 7.
    Well, aren't you one to end with a cliff hanger?!?

  6. You definitely have your to do list cut out for you...this time of year gets that way though....somehow it all comes together! My adult kids would love the Rogue One front or back...two years ago it was the Minions...pace yourself and it will all get done in time!

  7. I think it's adorable! I'm not sure which side my nephews would prefer: I spent a lot of time making them pieced quilts and they always put the (camo) back side up if they are making the bed. I threatened to make their next quilts with 2 backs :)

    PS - Can't say I ever owned a decoder ring but I know what they are!

  8. Whew, is right. You have a lot to accomplish, but I have a feeling you're up to the challenge. That's going to be a great quilt for a grandson. I do remember sending away for stuff like a decoder ring. It was pretty hot stuff. Ok, now you have us all wondering. Don't let us wait too long!

  9. It does sound like a busy, busy time! Your are definitely being efficient with your time! Great job on another fun finish.:)

  10. Wow, it looks great on both sides! Funny enough, I was just perusing Netflix before I visited here and put Rogue One in my list of things to watch.


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