Monday, October 2, 2017

An Itty-bitty quilt show

On Saturday our little quilt ministry group hosted a quilt show at the church in conjunction with the town's annual harvest festival being held at the grange hall right across the road from our country church.  We showed some of our quilts and several other local ladies added their own quilts for a festive event!  I was delighted to find that we had enough quilts to cover all the rows of chairs in the sanctuary and even added a couple more rows of chairs along the outer walls to feature some large quilts.

Walking through the door, you were greeted with this view from the back of the room (sorry, some of these photos are less than crystal-clear).

Along the right-hand side of the room

There was a nice mix of antique, vintage and new quilts

both large

and small

small and smaller yet

Scrappy and controlled palettes

family heirlooms and yard sale finds

a riot of color everywhere you looked

A long and exhausting day, but so much fun as we talked with local people remembering their own grandmothers and aunts or neighbors who had made quilts and reminisced about them.  And the children, both boys and girls, especially those in the 8-12 year range who really seemed interested in learning to make a quilt of their own!  We also met several additional quilters from the area interested in showing some of their own work in next year's show.  All in all, a very fun event!


  1. What a great event! The array of quilts is quite stunning, so many, so beautiful. I love how you have showed them, what a joyous display in your church. And oh wouldn't it be fun to have a kids' quilting group, such a good age to learn.

    lizzy at gone to the beach...

  2. Wonderful show and your photos are great! Tired and exhausted I know, but all I could think about as I viewed these photos.....what a wonderful impact your move has made on the community by bringing your love of quilting to share. And to have a ministry develop from it too, just proves the point. I do believe new paths will come to you. Hugs!

  3. It looks so pretty set up like that. I'll bet the show grows by leaps and bounds each year.

  4. Your itty bitty show had a big impact! Any group of quilts always look marvelous together. A lovely show!

  5. What a friendly show. I wish I'd seen it in person and am sure it will grow next year. (And you think you were tired this year. Ha.) Congratulations.

  6. We did this years and years ago in our church! It really does give a beautiful look walking in. Great job!

  7. I love Quilt Shows in Churches with the seats all draped. This looks really nice. I see the quilt you made for your hubby, and I see that someone has displayed one of Lori's (Humble Quilts) Country Roads QALs. Is it yours, by chance?

  8. It looks just beautiful, Pat. Lots of eye candy there, and I love seeing a church with quilts draped over the pews. So pretty.

  9. Wow, I am new here and just went oooo,, ahhhhh,,, love that quilt.... This quilt is amazing. These quilts blew me away. Such a wonderful display. I think if only these quilts could talk, lol... Thank you for sharing. Hugs, LJ

  10. Hello - Barbara and Mike did a quick visit with me in Castile before coming down to visit you so I thought I should check out your blog :) I love quilt shows in churches - they just feel more homey and "available" to the people looking at the quilts. Sadly the church up the street from me stopped their Christmas craft and quilt show a couple years ago. Your quilt show looks very inviting!


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