Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gathering up the Circles

The past couple weeks have been an adventure of the good, the sad, and sometimes downright scary times, with only a bit of sewing accomplished here and there.  The good times - a six day visit from our tiniest munchkin ...
Bathtime in one of grandma's larger fabric totes!

The sad - visiting a dear friend for the last time, at a hospice facility. And the scary - our son and his family had a tree fall on their house - twice in one week - during successive windstorms. Thankfully in both instances no one was injured as they were not in the rooms affected by the tree strikes which resulted in cracked and falling plaster - the two larger bedrooms of their two-story home. A total of four large trees blew over in their yard during the second storm, one of which also ripped the electrical wires off the house. As is usual with these types of storms many homes were without power, and no generators were to be had in his area, so we were lucky enough to find the only generator still available locally that morning and delivered it to them - some 100 miles away. Thankfully their power is now restored - in time for the nor'easter which hit yesterday, and it is still snowing and blowing in our end of the state. Our daughter who lives about 125 miles east of us has about 36 inches of the not-so-welcome white stuff. We fared better, with only 12-18 inches drifted in the driveway and the back deck so far.

Just before all these goings-on, I spent a morning at the church fellowship hall, arranging my Quilty 365 blocks into rows. This top is being built diagonally, so I started with the first row, which on the finished quilt will end up as bottom left to top right - 25 circle blocks. With the diagonal setting, it took four tables across to get all the squares in place

plus a chair for the last two rows!

After labeling each row I gathered everything up and returned home, and in spare moments began stitching the blocks together, adding setting triangles at the ends of each row. I recall saying in an earlier post that the odds were pretty good that a duplicate fabric would show up in an adjacent block, to be noticed only after sewing together ... and yes!
The only one I've caught, so far, and at this point I figure if these fabrics want to stay together this badly, who am I to argue?

I started with the shortest rows which will end up on the upper left side of the quilt, stitching rows together in groups of three.

At that point I decided it would be easier to add these shortest segments onto the main quilt body last, so I moved on to sewing together the longest diagonal rows, and here are the longest segments stretched out on the living room floor.
Point to point diagonally this monster measures a whopping 132 inches! Yowzers, these are long seams! When all the sections are sewn together the top should measure somewhere around 92 inches square. Before borders. In the meantime, strips and segments litter most every surface in my sewing area.

At this point all the segments are made for the left side of the quilt and I think there are nine or so rows of circles yet to be stitched together. Hopefully in the next week or so, barring any more major interruptions to the scattered and scarce sewing time around here.

I realize all this may make little or no sense to anyone else, but I'm so excited to finally see this quilt beginning to take shape, just as I envisioned it several months ago! And I'm so thankful that there was enough of that burnt orange sashing fabric to make the quilt the size I had hoped for. Luck of the Irish? This week, that may just be the case!


  1. What a little cutie. : )
    Always difficult to say the last good-bye.
    Oh, my goodness, your son's family seems to have had more than their share!
    I am happy for you that the circles quilt is happening as you hoped. It looks great. I like the setting a lot.
    I wouldn't worry about those like circles beside each other. No one will notice when it is all one big whole!

  2. Golly, what a week. I love baby's when their little bodies begin to plump up. You definitely have a cutie. So sorry about your friend and your son's home. Those circles are awesome and the diagonal setting is great. I'm glad you had enough of the fabric for the sashing. It's the perfect color. And, of course, two of the same fabrics will magnetically pull themselves together. :0)

  3. You have had a super eventful week I think. So glad you found/got/delivered generator for your son and family. We endured a storm several years ago that took out trees, ripped out power lines and damaged my car.....such a nightmare. So I really know what they are going thru. I was terrified for several years when a bad storm moved thru. Glad for no injuries to them.
    Circles....just fabulous. If only one set end up next to each other, count it a success :) This quilt is looking so good and I do love your diagonal set. Glad you have the patience to sew it.
    I figured you were getting a lot of that white stuff too, good to hear it did not bury you completely.

  4. Six days with that gorgeous baby sounds like heaven.
    I'm excited to see this quilt coming together too :) We've watched this process and it looks wonderful. I agree about blocks that want to be together, let them be.
    "plus a chair" made me laugh, that's a big quilt.

  5. What a darling little one - a blessing to your family! Your quilt is looking wonderful! It's a great accomplishment! So happy nobody was injured when the trees fell. Wow! that is scary!

  6. what a sweet baby! love that red setting for your circles - wee

  7. Sorry to hear about your friend. Happy to hear your son and family are o.k after such a traumatic experience. And, I LOVE your Quilty 365 circles!! Great layout! Oh, and that baby is extremely cute!

  8. Such a precious little one! So glad no one was injured in your son's family! What a scary incident. So very sad to say goodbye to your friend.
    Wow! Love your Quilty 365 circle top! Such long rows to sew, I admire your perseverance.

  9. What a range of emotions you must have gone through in such a short goodness!

    Oh, have inspired me to get moving on my quilty 365/6! Yours is looking mighty awesome. Congrats on moving it along. (I hate that part of the process...sewing it all together).

  10. What a beautiful baby!
    The trees falling sounds so scary. Snow more or less missed us here in NY but it's very cold
    I love seeing how your Quilty 365 is coming together, it looks wonderful. I had the same issue with my backgrounds, they kept lining up/ repeating but I just went with it! My Dotties are in calendar order anyway.

    lizzy at gone to the beach...

  11. Love your 365 Circle blocks. She's looking lovely!

  12. Awww....that little one is so cute. That sounds like quite the storm. Glad everyone is safe.

    I love your circle quilt.

  13. The circle of life. What a pretty baby!
    Love your circle quilt, a great success.

  14. Your circle quilt is looking fabulous. Great to see it coming together!


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