Monday, January 2, 2017

The Old and the New

So many goals, so little time.  We all know it.  But still, bloggers, and I suppose all of us have at least some desire to begin the new year with a new slate and a resolve that this year we will "get 'er done." After more than three-score-and-ten years, I've finally begun to look at my quilting life more realistically and therefore my list is short.  Even wimpy compared with most, but then anything that is finished beyond the list is a bonus, and I love bonuses!  You know, those rare days in November or January that dawn bright and clear and the temperature soars to a lovely 65 degrees - now that's a bonus! goes my little list:

Finish piecing the top, layer and hand quilt my Quilty 365 project -

Prepare the back, layer and hand quilt this basket quilt that has been patiently waiting for many months -

Complete this queen size quilt top, and possibly begin quilting -
So far I have the five applique blocks finished and have cut all the components for the pieced blocks and borders -

Finish several small projects from last year - which I'd like to have accomplished in the next week or so -
Rainbow QAL from summer 2016

Matching placemats to go with Christmas Dresden runner

Saving the best for last, begin hand appliqueing a few hundred of these little beauties for a queen size quilt just for me!  I've loved this pattern ever since seeing Audrey's (Quilty Folk) and Ruth's (Country Log Cabin) versions. So far I've appliqued one block and have my fabrics all prewashed and pressed to begin cutting, maybe later today.  I think this one may become my lifetime project -

I'm sure there will be other little projects that interject themselves along the way, and truth be told, one already has, but isn't that what always happens?


  1. Who cares how big or small the list, it is the journey we take to get there that matters. And I super love the applique baskets for your life time project. The circles looks so good on red. Have a great year with your plans.

  2. Lovely projects you have lined up for 2017. Love the red and black applique queen size quilt. Good luck with your goals. Have a healthy, happy, peaceful and sew plentiful new year! ;^)

  3. Everything looks beautiful and I like the idea of bonuses :). Those little projects that interject themselves are just interesting side roads and can be so much fun.

  4. That's a great list of projects and I have no doubt that you will be successful with it. I really like your basket quilt and it's a great idea to set it out as a 'lifetime' project. I am working on one that I call Minnie with 5/8" hexies which will likely take two lifetimes, but I really enjoy picking it up between other projects. It's not a race.

  5. I have to agree with you that my list is small too. I'll never finish all that I would like to do. Those little baskets are going to be gorgeous.

  6. Good and reasonable goals! The tiny basket will be fun (?!?!?) and you will need more than what I did for mine and I didn't have the teeny tiny opening in mine. It will be awesome and I think you will enjoy doing the appliqué - especially if you are better at needle turn than I am.

  7. I had to catch up on your Quilty 365 posts, as I did a pretty crap job of keeping up with other stuff the last month or two. I love that burnt orange setting! Did you conclude that you'd have enough to get it all sashed and set with the same fabric? How big will it be, set on point and sashed? Your appliqued leaves and acorns block is gorgeous. That's going to be a wonderful quilt. So many cool things in the works! May you have all the energy and enthusiasm you need as you work toward your finishes!

  8. You have some wonderful quilting adventures ahead. The new year is full of lovely things to work on. The length of list really doesn't matter. Just enjoy the moments.

  9. what great projects to finish in 2017. I love your circles on that red! yay

  10. This looks like quite a substantial list to me. I especially like your circles with orange sashing and your basket quilt looks wonderful. Here's to your success with all your goals!


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