Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friday Finish

I've never considered myself to be especially superstitious, but this was the 13th quilt our little ministry group set out to make this year, for the son of one of our church members who is undergoing chemotherapy.  All I'll say is that this number 13 fought us every step of the way, but with the exception of sewing on the label this morning, it's finally finished!

The first top our group attempted for this 13th quilt turned into a fiasco that is now relegated to "teaching quilt" status, and the group went back to the basics with this very easy pattern, relearning the importance of consistent quarter-inch seams, pinning for accuracy, thread tension, etc.  Each person made one row of the top and this time the rows went together with only a few tiny issues. Borders were added, and the top laid flat on the floor for pinning.  All good so far. Then I brought it home for quilting and the headaches began.  I had planned to quilt fairly close organic straight lines on this one, but the top was having none of that, shifting badly with each successive pass! No matter if I alternated direction with each row of quilting or stitching successive lines from top to bottom. Rats! So, last weekend I spent several hours ripping out about 17 lines of stitching, repinned the entire top and began again. This time I ditch quilted and forgot about doing organic straight lines every inch or so. The top continued to shift, though not quite as badly, and it's now quilted just enough to keep the batting from shifting when the quilt is washed.
After adding a machine stitched binding yesterday, it was ready for an outdoor photo shoot just before sunset.
I added a line of free motion swirls and loops on the borders.  They're almost visible here in the late afternoon light.

Tomorrow this #13 will be given to the recipient's mother to be delivered to him over the holidays. And our little group of five has already begun working on two additional quilts for chemo patients in the local community.

With any luck there will be a personal finish to post before the end of the month.  In the meantime, wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. What a story! Because you are doing good work, with a purpose of love, those evil forces do attack. That is usually a clue to me that what I am doing is important. Your group ministry has come a long way this year.
    As to the shifting.....was there some poly-cotton fabric used? Or poly batting. It can be a bear and shift even when pinned well.
    But the finish looks great for all the troubles. Every quilt has can feel the love and hugs in a quilt.

  2. Interesting, I wonder why it shifted around so much, do you think it was the batting? At least it's done and it looks very soft and comfy with the minimal stitching, maybe that's what it was trying to say :)

  3. Those are the finishes that you really enjoy! I'm not a superstitious person either, but things like that always make me pause. Maybe you should have just called it #14 and moved on. Hotels seldom have a floor 13. Hmmm.

  4. Oh, I commend you for sticking with it! The quilt looks great, in spite of all the trouble it gave you.
    You are doing a good work there!

  5. It turned out great! No, I', not superstitious at all. The best job I got was on the 13th floor!

  6. The casual quilt observer doesn't realize that a quilt can definitely have a mind of its own. Glad you corralled this quilt into behaving. The recipient will love it and I'm sure find comfort from your group's sweet gift


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