Friday, October 28, 2016

A little bit of this, a little bit of that ...

After finishing the second baby quilt last weekend,

it was time to stitch up a few receiving blankets for the new grandbaby-to-be. This motley quartet was finished up yesterday.
Three of them loosely follow the woodland creatures theme of the nursery, and the fourth?  Well, both mom and dad are die-hard Dr. Who fans, so why not a Tardis blanket for the little guy?  I'll use these to wrap up a few small items purchased for the shower next weekend, and tie up the packages with ribbons and teething rings, etc.  Can you tell I'm really into this - my baby is having a baby!

Since the daily circles for Quilty 365 are winding down very soon, my thoughts turned to what hand work project to work on next.  I've long admired the little basket quilts made by some of my blogging friends, similar to the quilt featured in When the Cold Wind Blows and wondered if my needleturn applique skills had improved enough over the last year to attempt the sharp angles and curves of these nearly 300(!) tiny baskets.  And when I saw Pam Buda's new fabric line Old Plum Calicos, I fell in love with those soft purples and knew those would be the colors of my baskets, if I could just make them!  So this week I got out the one plum fabric in my entire fabric stash and made this
Yes, I can!  So happy with the way this first little basket turned out, and my first attempt at reverse applique.  Now that's something to whoop it up about!  Now, to bite the bullet and splurge a bit on some of that luscious plum calico fabric!

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, and wishing you all a lovely fall weekend!


  1. Love your little basket. And the plum is a favorite color. Your applique is always beautiful. I want to get the rest of the circles assembled soon. Been thinking about a basket project myself, but not the tiny one you have here. Mine would be larger and probably one a week would do me:)

  2. That basket turned out so well. You did a great job on it. The blankets will go along with the quilt perfectly.

  3. Very cute baby quilt and blankets! When is the little guy due to arrive? I love your purple basket, but then I love these little baskets and have been slowly working on them.

  4. Love that basket! And your little quilt looks lovely!

  5. The receiving blankets are so cute - well, at least 3 of them are cute! The basket is perfect! Are you going to do one per day? I do love lots of tiny baskets. I made a basket quilt - hand appliquéd, but don't think I want to take on anything like it again. Except for my DJ quilt, which will probably have some more hand appliqué, I plan to do machine appliqué from now on.

  6. Your little basket turned out beautifully. Enjoy the splurge!

  7. Your baby blankets are cute - and I'm sure mom and dad will get a kick out of your "fourth"one! :) Your basket is so beautiful! Congratulations!


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