Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Westering Women - Y-Seams and Other Fun Things

Our Westering Women block for August was named for Chimney Rock in far northwest Nebraska along the Oregon Trail.  This seemingly easy appearing block is actually a tough one for many quilters with a multitude of Y-seams.  I've always dreaded avoided blocks with Y-seams but didn't really know what the source of my angst was until fairly recently, when I finally figured out that the issue is spatial dyslexia!  But not wanting to wimp out and choose the supposedly easier substitute version with no Y-seams but a gazillion tiny triangles, once the printer (and operator) finally figured out how to print the templates the proper size, we tackled this block just before supper today.  And, of course, the Y-seams were a piece of cake, but arranging the puzzle pieces with the proper angles facing - not so much!

Anyhoo, after a few minor episodes of frog-stitching, here's the finished block, almost perfectly square and even the right finished size - yay!

And the year's tally to date.

Now, for the real fun part of this post - Kyle Redente of Timeless Reflections blog hosted a blogaversary giveaway a couple weeks back, and I was the lucky winner of one of the prizes - this sweet charm pack of holiday fabrics and a quilt pattern!

Christmas placemats are now on my list of projects for later this year as soon as the two grandbaby quilts are finished and gifted.  This morning I showed the pattern to our quilt ministry group and they are all wanting to try this pattern for some of our comfort quilts! Thank you Kyle!


  1. Your block turned out so well. Wish my attempts at Y-seams were nearly that successful!
    Congrats on your win from Kyle. She is such a fun blogger.

  2. Great win and pattern! Good for scraps :)
    Y seams....I learned from Georgia Bonesteel years ago..point to point stitching she called it. Never my favorite, but your block looks wonderful!!

  3. You got that block done fast! I like your fabric selection - I might put some cheddar in mine too. But I was thinking of "wimping out" and doing the HSTs. Not that I want to make more of them at this point as I'm making hundreds of them for the broken dishes block swap. I couldn't get the printer to make them the right size.

  4. I loved how you lumped y-seams and other fun stuff together. I'm with you, I usually figure another way around that construction. Glad your sewing worked out perfectly and I'm so happy you're enjoying your prize. Can't wait to see what your group sews up!

  5. Your block looks amazing! I usually try to avoid those y-seams too but it's good to have that skill in your back pocket.☺


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