Monday, May 2, 2016

Westering Women and Favorite Fabrics

Do you have a favorite piece of fabric, one of those that caught your eye in the quilt shop and never let go, to the point where you've had said fabric for years and yet it's so beautiful you can't bear to cut into it and use it?   Well, this is one of those pieces in my stash.
Fabric color is more true in the next photo

I'm pretty sure this fabric dates back to the mid 1990s; it's from a Smithsonian Institution RJR line called Little Sister's Quilt.  Here is a link to online information about the original quilt which dates to the 1850s-1860s.  The time period of the original quilt corrresponds to the westward movement and so it seemed very appropriate to (finally) use a bit of this fabric in my Westering Women quilt.

The Lone Elm is the block chosen by Barbara Brackman for April.  This is my version.
I'm pretty happy with this block, despite the fact that a couple of the triangle points will undoubtedly disappear when the blocks are stitched to sashing fabrics and the tree trunk is a bit lopsided.  Kind of like it was stitched while jostling on the back of the wagon along the Oregon Trail.  

Now that I see this gorgeous fabric come to life in a quilt block, I'll undoubtedly be wishing there was more than a yard of it in my stash!  


  1. Maybe that's why we hold on to fabric like that, because we know the perfect place to use it will come along. It really does look gorgeous.

  2. A beautiful piece of fabric, I can understand why you saved it for just the perfect block.

  3. I know I have some fabric from that line somewhere, but I don't think it was that particular one. I have finally decided that I need to just use my "saved" fabrics in a project I love and then I can enjoy it, instead of just knowing I have it tucked away somewhere.
    Great job on your block!

  4. beautiful fabric and block. who is looking at points with that pretty fabric in there?

  5. I totally know what you mean about having that favorite piece of fabric... good to use it! I'm behind in my Westering Women - time to catch up!

  6. That Little Sister's line was one of my favorites from the Smithonian. Glad you're planning on using it. Why not! I should dig deep and see what I've been saving.

  7. I have had many favorite fabrics, but have used most of them. I wish I had one of them for this WW block. I haven't made it yet. Yours looks wonderful!

  8. Once I got pass your gorgeous header which stopped me in my tracks by the way - then I fell in love with the floral yardage you showed - oh yes - it would be hard to cut into but I bet you will find a way to make it shine in your is really special.


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