Monday, February 8, 2016

Moving Forward at Last, and a New Top

So, I completed all fifteen "canning label blocks" on my husband's Oregon memories quilt last week, and got stalled right there.  Those alternating blocks are giving me fits and starts in the planning. Way too many odd measurements to work out, more math than my sleep-deprived brain could tolerate for a couple days. What to do, well what happened is those fabrics were pushed to the back of the work table and I got started on this simple and quick baby quilt top.
Started and finished in fact in just a few hours over two days, and I'm happy with how it has turned out.  Again, all scraps from previous quilts or grab bags picked up at yard sales and just one fabric from my purchased stash.  Happy scrappy stitching!

A closer look

This quilt will eventually be gifted to a young member of our congregation who is expecting a girl in early summer, after a series of miscarriages. She has three older boys and is beyond excited about this coming arrival. I'll machine quilt it later in the spring after making a final decision about backing fabric and whether to add a small outer border to the top. Right now I'm thinking no border; what are your thoughts?  The top now measures 36 x 42 inches.

A few favorite blocks:

So this afternoon I've begun cutting a few tentative blocks for the Oregon quilt, and getting backing and batting ready to sandwich my largest quilt top to date, a vintage applique/embroidered top purchased online a few years ago that measures 91 x 113 inches! Yikes, there is no floor space in our house large enough to lay out the entire top and have room around the edges to work on it! Challenge of the week, stay tuned. Hopefully there will be something to show before too many more days (besides sore knees).


  1. Very cute baby your variety of block fabrics. I admire your bravery in the projects you tackle that are so large! Bet it will be a beauty after your touch.

  2. What a fun baby quilt from all your scrappy baby fabrics. Not sure if it needs a border, but I'd probably audition a few just to make sure. Basting a huge quilt on the floor is tough on the knees. It's how I have to do it as well. Can't wait to see it.

  3. Very sweet - you found some cute fabrics for your block centres: I bet the little girl it's for will love it.

  4. That baby quilt is so cute and bright, perfect for clearing the brain so you can get back to the other quilt. I wouldn't add a border, just a bright binding.

  5. The baby quilt looks fine without a border, but I am just thinking how much it may shrink with quilting and washing and I might add a little border to it to be safe.
    Looks like it would be fun for a game of "I Spy".

  6. I just sent you a youtube tutorial on how to baste on a table. It's the method I use and I like it best. I use a folding table that is about 6' x 3' (I think). The baby quilt is darling!


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