Friday, September 4, 2015

Paper Doll Memories

When I was very young, I couldn't wait until my mom's magazines would arrive, because the back cover often contained a paper doll complete with wardrobe to be cut and assembled, then loved and played with until they were practically in shreds.  I think of those days whenever this UFO is hauled out of the little bin.
Called Betsy's Closet in Stitches, it reminds me of the old Betsy McCall's paper dolls of all those years ago.  After stitching a few of the outfits using light shades of the various colors as recommended for the embroideries, the project got bogged down, and frankly I was bored and disappointed in the way they looked.  Very pale and bland and (to me) just plain boring.

Then, inspiration struck, after reading a recent post from Barbara at Cat Patches blog, where she had colored in the background of an embroidered quilt block she is currently stitching.  With nothing to lose, and hoping to be inspired to complete this little project at last, I dug out the big box of crayons we keep around for grandchildren's visits, and began coloring a couple of the completed blocks.

I liked this next red and white dress just the way it turned out and did not add any color to it.

This is the block currently in progress.   There are four blocks remaining to be embroidered after this one is completed.

I think these will be my take-along handwork project while we're traveling.  Once the embroidered blocks are finished, it will be quick work to piece the sashings and borders from the remnants in the
scrap bins.  There's also a piece of vintage paper doll fabric found at a yard sale a couple years ago that I think will make a perfect backing. The entire quilt finishes at about 24 x 30 inches, just about perfect for a granddaughter to wrap up her dollies and teddy bears.

A couple days ago we harvested the first of the pie pumpkins.  The trees are beginning to show a bit of color along the creek bank behind the house.  The sunflower heads are heavy and drooping. Though it is hot this week, first frost in these parts can be expected any time after about September 12.  And now my favorite season of the year begins!

Speaking of favorites, here's a new favorite from our garden.  Lemon Boy.  Beautiful color, delectable almost citrusy flavor.  This one weighed in at a hefty 1-1/4 pounds!  We polished it off at supper last night (that's a luncheon size plate in the photo).

Here's to a fun-filled, safe holiday weekend!


  1. What a clever idea to "rescue" a project ... I can't wait to see those embroidered/colored blocks all together. Cute! Wow, that was a big tomato! We had a couple of giant-sized tomatoes last year (one weighed over a pound and a half), but this summer - pfffft. :-(

  2. Your coloring sure jazzed up Betsy's wardrobe. Love the feeling of fall in the air and that is some impressive tomato you grew. Have fun on your trip.

  3. The little dresses are adorable! I too remember playing with paper dolls. I even have paper dolls that my Mom played with. My cherry tomatoes are really good, my other tomatoes aren't getting very big at all. They taste good though!

  4. New life breathed into an old project-love it! (I loved paper dolls, too!)
    Gorgeous bouquet, and that tomato is unreal! Bring on Fall--I am so ready!

  5. I remember those Betsy McCall's too! Love how your stitcheries are looking. Perfect additions to these. Yes, I'm liking the coloring on stitching too, and it sure livens things up.

  6. The colors are the perfect solution. They look so sweet too. My sister and I loved the paper dolls out of the magazines.


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