Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blockade Quilt update, and taking stock

Ever feel like your hand quilting is weighing you down?
Who, me?
Yep, she's the reason I'm often found reading blogs or writing posts, or even stitching at all hours of the night.  Our 18-year old kitty who only recently found her voice and isn't afraid to use it, especially at night ... sigh ...  She's also a quilt-hog!

The hand quilting on the Blockade quilt is going much slower than I'd like, early morning hours notwithstanding.  But we are progressing, however slowly, and the blocks are now about 2/3 quilted. So looking forward to getting on to the borders where the quilting will should go a bit more quickly, hopefully with way less rotations of the hoop.

Curiosity got the best of me the other day and I decided to attempt a listing of every quilt I've made or worked on since starting my first quilt some 35+ years ago.  Mind you, there were years that went by with nary a quilt in progress, in fact the vast majority of completions have been in the last five or six years, most since I retired.  But, I was happily surprised at the following tally:
   Quilts completed entirely by me (includes wall quilts, but majority are crib or bed quilts:  47
   Group quilts participated in:  5
   Vintage tops made by others, quilted by me:  3 to date
   Quilts in progress:  4 (soon to be 5, fabrics for the next one awaiting their turn on the cutting/work table)
Many, but not all of my completed quilts are shown in the various page links found just above the header photo.

Big family gathering heading our way tomorrow for a couple days, followed by some dear friends from Oregon, then another family visit the first week in August.  Adding to the mix a family emergency that will require a big chunk of time over the next few weeks, and quilting and blog time will be mostly curtailed for the time being.  Life is always full of surprises it seems.


  1. Wow! I am impressed. I am not sure I could remember back that long.

  2. A very endearing face on that quilt hog! : )
    When I started quilting I kept a quilt journal, but since I have started blogging I let that slip. It would be interesting to go back and tally things.
    Sounds like busy days ahead for you!

  3. Love your little quilt hog. It's encouraging to keep track of what we've done. It's part of your history and story. We''ll catch up with you again when things in your life slow down just a bit. :0)

  4. Good for you! No way I'm counting the works in progress --besides I forget some of them until I run across them while looking for something else!

  5. I used to keep a list of every quilt finish, but somewhere along the way I lost track. You have been very prolific, life's little surprises or not.:)

  6. You can be happy about your accomplishments - that's for sure! I wish I had kept better track of the quilts I have made. I recently started a notebook with pictures, but haven't gotten very far with it.

  7. WOW - you are hand quilting that quilt? VERY impressive. I do handwork, but I can't hand quilt to save my life.

  8. I'm impressed. Even though I've been quilting for almost 35 years now, I had a long, long hiatus when I was working full time. When I retired 7 years ago, I vowed to make up for lost time. Of course, the fact that I hand quilt does slow down the adding more quilts to my finished list. ;-)


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