Friday, February 20, 2015

Settling In

Unpacking is nearly complete and I'm finally able to spend a little time each day at the sewing machine and/or hand quilting once again.  The new sewing space is a lot smaller than my previous room, the closet for storing fabric about half the size of the old one, and to make it all so much cozier, my computer desk ended up being put in the sewing room since it didn't fit in the office area.  But, everything is workable so far, and I love this room for the great natural light we get from the south and west-facing windows.  
That table in the middle of the room is my all-purpose surface, for ironing, cutting, moving behind the Janome for FMQ, and currently spreading all the tax forms and receipts for the annual agony of tax prep.
I love looking at this little quilt remnant, so bright and cheery.
My view of the side yard.
I finished the additional hand quilting on the vintage 1980s(?) dresden plate quilt I picked up last year.    
I do love the great scalloped border the original quilter added to this quilt.
The batting is quite puffy so I chose not to do a lot of background quilting, but just outlined the elements of the dresden plates and bordered each of the blocks with straight line quilting along the seams.
I'll share progress on my campfire quilt next time.  It's great to be blogging again, even if only intermittently!


  1. So thrilled to see you again!!!! Your room, with those views, is amazing (albeit on the cozy side!)!!!! The Dresden quilt is so lovely and my all-time fave colors. After living here for 40+ years, I canNOT imagine a packing/unpacking ordeal!!!! Happy sewing!!!!

  2. Your sewing room looks very bright and cheery! So glad you started blogging again.

  3. Good to see a blog post from you today. Your sewing room is lovely. This basement dweller is envious of those windows. Your quilts are beautiful.

  4. Your new sewing area look raring to sew. Hope you find time soon.

  5. Always a challenge to put things into a smaller space than that from which it came, but it looks like you have done well. Wish I had that much natural light in my sewing room!
    Beautiful hand quilting on the Dresden quilt.
    Welcome back. : )

  6. Your new space looks inviting with all the light and views! so glad you have gotten settled and begun stitching. Lovely finish to the green is beautiful.

  7. It's so good to see you settling in. Your space may be smaller but that light really is wonderful. Welcome back!

  8. I really love your sewing room. It has functionality as well as charm. I could spend hours in there. I like the quilt on the wall and the items you have chosen to decorate the room. The dresden plate quilt is beautiful.


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