Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mail Call

Not much happening in the sewing room this week as we've been working on a major re-do of our deck, and of course the garden is calling for nearly constant attention these days.  In the odd evening moments if I'm still awake enough to see, I've been plodding along with the hand quilting of the vintage bow-tie quilt.  Hopefully there will be a finished quilt to show you in a couple more weeks.

Monday's mail delivery brought packages!  Last month Sharon at Vroomans Quilts held a special "May for Me" celebration with several giveaways, and I was the very lucky winner of this gorgeous quilt kit, photographed just before I opened up the jelly roll to drool over all the sweet fabrics.  Of course that jelly roll didn't roll back up quite as neatly!   This will make up into a great lap quilt for my little granddaughter when she eventually gets to move into her own bedroom (currently serving as a nursery for her baby brother).  Thanks so much Sharon - I'm going to love making this one!    Since the quilt pattern only uses a portion of the jelly roll, I'm thinking the remainder may go into a matching throw pillow for her bed or a floor cushion.  Fun sewing days ahead.

The second package came from Amy Ellis at Amy's Creative Side, who recently hosted the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  I won one of the general prize drawings for participating in the Festival, and this group of books, courtesy of Lark Crafts was my prize.
It has been many years since I sewed big stuffed rabbits for my son and a little friend of his, but with a couple of granddaughters nearing the 'learn to sew' stage, there could be some fun projects we can work on together.  I'll be looking at the Stitched Blooms book with an eye to adapting some of the designs for free motion quilting.  Thank you Amy!

Looking forward to a couple rainy days ahead when I can put away the paintbrushes and find the sewing room again.  I hope you're enjoying some warm sunny days, as we have been in western Oregon!


  1. Looks like you have some fun sewing days ahead with all your new prizes.

  2. Congratulations on the wins! Can't wait to see that quilt for your granddaughter!

  3. I haven't gotten to sew much lately either - I've had painters at my house repainting my bedroom, living room and sun room. Thankfully they left this afternoon so maybe tomorrow I can get my house put back together. :) blessings, marlene

  4. You've had a happy mailbox lately! : )


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