Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April NewFO

Inside now after a couple hours in the 86 degree sunshine(!) working in the garden.  Have to say, it's a mighty fine way to end the month of April!   We now have spinach ready to harvest, along with broccoli and lettuce starts, the peas were planted yesterday, and the potatoes will no doubt be planted tomorrow morning.  Early, well before it hits the mid 80s again.

As I began quilting the little purple baby quilt for our church school benefit auction, I was made sadly aware that you (or I, at least) can't go five months with no FMQ practice and expect to get away with it! That little quilt ended up all straight-line quilted, partially FMQ and partly with the dual feed foot.  All in all, it didn't turn out badly, and I'm rather fond of the way the intersecting lines add another dimension to the quilt.

I'm excited to see what "The Little Ballerina" as this was dubbed in the auction bidder guide will bring on Saturday.  I may even buy it myself, to save for a grandbaby visit.  Here's a shot of the back, so you'll see why it is aptly named.

Sew, on to April's NewFO.   I had purchased several vintage (1960s-1990s range) Mennonite quilt tops last year, and one of them was a sampler of sorts of pieced blocks with some wide sashings and a huge border.  A rather nondescript and not well executed top with lopped off points, etc.  This lady, bless her heart, was not cut out for machine piecing, but her hand appliqued and embroidered kit quilts are fabulous.  Anyway, this 73x73 inch pieced top looked like a great opportunity to bone up on some FMQ and have a finished quilt to show for it.  As of this morning I have five of the nine blocks quilted.  Determined to have fun with this one, and not stressing about imperfections, I've been averaging about one block every day or two.  A couple of the completed blocks - the dark areas were wet, as I've been sponging off the blue washout marker as soon as each block is complete.
Our LQS had a big "after-remodeling" sale during April and had moved a lot of fabric bolts to their bargain basement.  I wasn't able to find yardage for the backing in a print of the era of the quilt top, so instead the backing is this gorgeous French General print that just happened to be in the sale room.  I think I'm going to love flipping this quilt over and displaying it as a comforter!

So, that's it for April.  At 5:30 the A/C kicked on - it was 77 in the house and 86 degrees outside.  What a way to end the month in (normally soggy) Oregon!

Linking up with Barbara at Cat Patches for her monthly NewFO linky party.  All you need to do to join in is post about a project you've started this month, and link up!  It's fun!  It's free! And, there's lots of eye-candy for the viewing.


  1. Oh that is so true!!! I hate it when I don't get to practice my fmq for a long time - it takes such work to get back up to speed and skill. It looks like you managed quite well on The Little Ballerina though - its adorable, and I love the way the quilting design looks like a Storm at Sea! You've done some really pretty designs on the vintage sampler blocks - and how clever to use an older quilt for your practice!!! This quilt will be salvaged and loved, and you get lots of stress-free practice! :*)

  2. Always good to have something to practice on; however, some days my second day quilting is worse than the first.

  3. Oh, I had also meant to add that the quilting in your header photo is gorgeous!

  4. Rather than repeat it all, I echo Teresa's comment! And I love the backing on the vintage top--great choice! : )

  5. I have also missed FMQ for the last 5 months - oh, how I need practice - mine looks like I'm starting over! Your quilt, however, looks GOOD! The Little Ballerina is a gorgeous quilt and will definitely help the auction - even if you buy it! ~Jeanne

  6. Way to save the Vintage tops! I like the backing you chose. I hear ya on the Practicing. I've gotta have a Good day to do my FMQ!

  7. Beautiful backing. What a fun added benefit to find the fabric in the sale area!

  8. Your quilting is just beautiful, Pat. Good idea getting those marks out quickly.


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