Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Now Where Did September Go?

Here it is already a couple days into October and I'm still in September mode.  Weather unfortunately is more late Novemberish here in northwest Oregon with well over 5 inches of rain in less than a week.

Anyway, reporting in to Cat Patches for the September NewFO Challenge, what did I accomplish in September?   I hate to say it, but my one and only true NewFO was a set of receiving blankets for my new little grandson Zachary who was born on September 21!  These blankets were begun on September 30 and finished yesterday. 
A few months ago I was the lucky winner of a Berenstain Bears layer cake and had begun making pinwheel blocks with some of them.  We have a friend whose daughter had a baby in September so those blocks were quickly stitched together and a quick FMQ in the Jester's Hat motif produced this little quilt.
 For the first time I brought the backing fabric to the front and folded it over for the binding, since I didn't have anything in my stash that went with any of the bear fabrics.   It was quick and easy but I'm not especially pleased with the end result, and don't think I'd use that method except in a pinch. 
Close-up of reverse side.
I'm continuing the hand quilting on little Zachary's first quilt and hope to have it completed when I head to the east coast to visit in a month or so.  And that's about it in the quilting department for September.  Spent a lot of time in the kitchen canning tomatoes and salsas - both red and green.  The heavy rains have pretty much put an end to the tomato harvest as we're seeing lots of them splitting as they begin to ripen. 
Plans for October include starting a round-robin quilt for our local guild challenge.  My center block involves a huge vintage crocheted butterfly and some really ugly fabric.  Stay tuned ...
Linking up with Barbara at Cat Patches where you can see what lots of other quilters started during the month of September!


  1. Kind of fun to dip into these cute fabrics for a change now and then, isn't it? : )
    You have some sweet finishes here.

  2. Lots of sweet, cuddly baby things! You accomplished quite a bit even though the canning cut into your quilting time.

  3. I love those polka dot pinwheels. So cute.

  4. I know! Where did it go? I'm with you! But congrats on new baby grandchild and... EnJOY💋💗


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