Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My June NewFOs

Hello Friends,   I've been taking a bit of a break from blogging, and reading only sparingly this past month.  Sometimes life dictates that we change course for a while.

In the midst of everything else I did manage to work on a couple new projects during June, so without further ado, here they are.

First, a set of quilted placemats with coordinating napkins for a bridal shower gift.  The placemats were a great project for practicing my FMQ. 
The mats are reversible, and the next two photos show the two backing fabrics used.

And the napkins ...

My other project is this rendition of a pattern called Checkered Past 1862 shown on Barbara Brackman's blog several months ago:
Getting help while laying out the blocks:
The completed flimsy - the color is not very well rendered in either photo - you'll have to imagine a happy medium between the two shots.

This top will be my winter hand quilting project, it should go fairly quickly as I'm planning to simply quilt diagonally through the squares and then perhaps a double or triple cable in the borders.  It will be a nice change from the more intense quilting I've been doing on my Biblical Blocks quilt, which, by the way, is nearly completed - yay!
And now it's July!  Time to link up with Barbara and Smitty at Cat Patches for the June NewFO Linky Party, where you can see all the projects other quilters have begun during June. 
Happy Summer!


  1. Your placemats and napkins make a lovely gift, and I would think the bride-to-be will be very pleased :) I especially like your Checkered Past 1862 as I love stars, and I love anything 1800s/Civil War era in fabrics.

  2. The placemats and napkins are great - what a wonderful shower gift! And I do like Checkered Past - I'll be waiting to see it quilted! ~Jeanne

  3. The placemats will definitely be a lovely shower gift and I do love the checkered past quilt top. It is a cozy looking quilt top. BTW, I sent you an email and it came back to me. I have a question about an old sewing machine that a friend of mine has - the serial number is AG234889 and there was another number - S3681. It has a wood cover for it. I couldn't find any information on the Singer site.

    1. Hi Ruth, I tried emailing you back and your server is rejecting your mail address so I can't reply via the normal channels! Go figure. I think you have my phone number - you can call me if any further questions about the machine, but that is a Model 99 with serial number issue date of 11/11/1941.

  4. I totally understand the need to take a break sometimes. Life happens, right? Hope everything settles down for you soon. The placemats/napkins are really cute in those fabrics :*) I cut out some placemats in Christmas fabrics today for gifts. What a fun and quick way to learn FMQ!

  5. Your placemats are so pretty! I love your traditional blocks too. I end up doing so much appliqué, I'm thinking it would be a good choice to do something traditional. Your stars are lovely.

  6. Your placemats and napkins are beautiful. I'm sure they made a wonderful bridal shower gift! I really like your rendition of the Checkered Past 1862 pattern. I think I might even have to make one myself!

  7. The placemats and napkins are really cute. Love the Checkered Past blocks. Sometimes the old patterns are the best.

  8. Love your finished projects - you have certainly been busy!

  9. I love your placemats and napkins, what a beautiful gift they will make!!! And your kitty is cute!! They can be "very helpful" indeed!!

    I need to work on my feathers challenge today. I finally know pretty much what I am going to do for it, just need to sit and do it. Hard at times when the garden is calling my name!! :^)


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