Thursday, April 11, 2013

A very lucky week!

Just so you don't think I've given up actually quilting and just hang out on the computer, here are a couple shots of Tropical Sunrise, which has been occupying me and my Janome for the past couple weeks.  Progress is slow but sure.  I think I've worked through the thread shredding issues, and so far today the only stop was to replace an empty bobbin!
I'm nearly finished quilting the fern fronds in all twelve of these 18-inch blocks, and hopefully tomorrow will be able to move on to the secondary blocks and borders.  The new Machingers gloves I posted about last time are really a godsend in helping move this heavy quilt around!
I will sure miss this quilt when it's completed and sent to its new home; I just love looking at all these gorgeous batiks.

Seems we've kept our mail person busy again this week.  Monday brought this set of Aurifil threads (my favorite) courtesy of Aurifil's sponsorship of SewCalGal's Golden Quilters Awards this year.
I love the great variety of colors in this set!   A big thank you to Aurifil and to SewCalGal for drawing my name for this prize collection.

And yesterday's mail brought all these, won during the recent Blog Hop Party with Giveaways sponsored by Mishka at Quilting Gallery.

Jeanette at Inchworm Fabrics generously provided a layer cake of the cutest Berenstain Bears prints
and let me choose any book from the current selection in her shop.  Having a small pile of orphan blocks among my stash, I chose the book shown here, and the featured projects are a great inspiration to get out some of those orphans and finish them up.   Thanks so much Jeanette!  Some special babies will be sporting Berenstain Bear quilts in coming weeks.

Speaking of orphans, my other win from the Blog Hop Party also arrived yesterday, and it is indeed an orphan!  Gayle of Gayle Bong Quilts gave away several of her orphan blocks to a number of bloggers, and this is the one I received.
Thanks so much Gayle!   I can think of at least one or two of my orphan blocks that should coordinate well with this one and become the foundation of yet another project.  Or, maybe just this block surrounded with a striped border of vintage men's ties.  This block just seems to speak ties to me, what do you think?

I think that qualifies this as a lucky week, don't you?  Now, back to the Janome.  The wedding quilt awaits.


  1. Lucky Week indeed! Using ties with that orphan block is a great idea.

  2. Definitely a lucky week for you!!! Some really lovely wins :*)

  3. I would say that it was a lucky week. You need to head to Las Vegas!!!

    The quilting on the batiks is gorgeous. I love the ferns.

  4. Wow, you've had a great week, congrats. Enjoy all that fabric love. The baby quilts will be fun to see.

  5. Your quilt is looking gorgeous!

  6. You did have a lucky week, and your batik quilt is gorgeous!

  7. I do believe luck is following you around! blessings, marlene

  8. Your quilting is fabulous!!!! Love it and I adore that block from Gayle, very cool design!!!! Keep the luck coming :-) and have a lovely Sunday!!!

  9. Tropical sunrise is simply gorgeous! Great quilting too.

  10. WOW! Your Tropical Sunrise is beautiful. Waiting for the reveal.

  11. The fern quilting is lovely Pat. And you're on a winning streak! How lucky.


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