Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning

This has been a week of catching up on a lot of those nagging 'gotta do' chores, you know the ones - taxes, laundry, grocery shopping, and this:
Yep, it's time for spring cleaning!  This is the cat who attacks whenever I try to brush her with a regular grooming brush, but here she sits and loves being vacuumed!
The ears only went back when she saw the camera - she hates the pre-flash.  However, not enough to leave the couch and her weekly defurring session!

On the sewing front, during breaks from tax return prep earlier this week, I found this sweet vintage animal fabric in my stash.  I think it was part of a bundle received from a retired schoolteacher friend a few years back.
I bordered each block with a tiny raspberry Cranston Mills print, also a vintage 1980s(?) piece.  Only having a fat quarter of this fabric dictated the size and number of blocks for this little baby quilt.
Here it is with borders added.
This is now layered and pinned and awaiting a turn to be quilted on the Janome.  I may take a break from quilting the Tropical Sunrise quilt to do some FMQ on this one so I can get it bound and ready for donation at our next guild meeting.

Weather continues in typical March fashion around here, blustery, downpours, hailstorms, and those all-too few sun-breaks.  The cold will hopefully deter the fruit trees and blueberry bushes from blooming prematurely.  We definitely could use more than four plums on our tree this August!

I see this little blog is fast approaching 100 followers.  When that day comes, we will celebrate with a giveaway!     My first blog-iversary is coming up in May, which definitely calls for another celebration giveaway.  

And that's the news from our little hillside home in the west.


  1. Very sweet little quilt. I love how it turned out!
    That is too funny about vacuuming the cat! : )

  2. We vacuum our cat also, but she doesn't like it as much as yours. Love your little quilt. Have a great weekend!

  3. You vacuum the cat? My cats go on high alert when they hear the vacuum. One of them will hide under the bed if she thinks it is getting too close. Not going to be able to get near my kitties for any of this grooming fun.

    Sweet baby quilt ... vintage is good ... :) Pat

  4. A kitty that enjoys being vacuumed? How funny! Your little quilt is very cute.

  5. I love your cat! The vacuum noise doesn't bother her? Too cute.

    I also love your quilt and you've given me an idea of how to use a fabric piece I've carted around with me from house to house for at least thirty years.

  6. How funny that your cat doesn't like being brushed but puts up with the vacuum cleaner. Mine used to adore the rubber brush but would run when the vacuum started.

  7. Oh Hahaha! I've never seen a cat being vacuumed! My Gypsy would probably scratch out my eyes if I tried that, she is terrified of the vacuum. Your little quilt is so cute - I just love those darling little bunnies :*)

  8. LOL Awesome cat. Not one of ours would stand for that. Hubby is saying one of theirs in his teen years loved it. . .


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